Breed match for a friend

If you are wondering what is the right dog for you, this is the place to be. In this introductory forum we talk about topics such as breed vs. mix, size, age, grooming, breeders, shelters, rescues as well as requirements for exercise, space and care. No question is too silly here. This particular forum is for getting and giving helpful, nice advice. It is definitely not a forum for criticizing someone else's opinion, knowledge or advice. This forum is all about tail wagging and learning.

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Charlie- Chaplin

A day without- laughter is a- day wasted
Barked: Wed Nov 20, '13 1:24pm PST 
Ok, if you need more info just ask. This is what she has:

"Off the top of my head I'd like a larger dog, a 'normal' pitbull size (not the hulk kind) or a bit bigger.

Something with a life expectancy past 7 years that can keep up on runs. I'd like a male but it's not required; he'd have to be ok with with my male terrier that is "king".

I'd like it to be a super cuddly dog.

Red is my favorite color of dog but anything lighter colored would make me happy I think.

I have anxiety so I don't want a dog that is sucked into my emotions.

Things I can't deal with is intolerable amounts if shedding, slobber, or destruction. Barking too much is also something I do NOT want.

I do not want a golden or lab."

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Better watch- yourself!
Barked: Wed Nov 20, '13 6:49pm PST 
Have to put my vote in for a red doberman big grin Basically no shedding, no slobber at all she's much too proper for that laugh out loud Can DEFINITELY keep up on the runs. She always wants to cuddle but can take a hint when I tell her to bugger off. (I have some troubles as well.) Sasha was destructive when I first got her but has come through that now that she knows i'm always coming home to her dog

Ice cubes? YES- PLEASE!
Barked: Wed Nov 20, '13 11:36pm PST 
If she does not mind having a dog with high emotional needs(it just needs a lot of quality interaction to be satisfied) and is super "velcro", I think a Brittany or a Vizsla may be a match. Both also have pretty red coats that need minimal maintenance and must be jogged every day. Both are pretty long-lived and seem to have the typical easy-going gundog attitude toward people and dogs.

I personally have met a few Brittanys and have heard a lot of good things about Vizslas.

Another option could be a leanly built pit-mix from a foster situation under a reputable rescue. Pitties are super snuggly, active, and joyful. Many are easygoing with other dogs too, but an adult is predictable unlike puppies as far as dog aggression.

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Adopt, don't- shop
Barked: Thu Nov 21, '13 8:23am PST 
I'd also suggest either a doberman or a pit/pit mix from a reputable rescue. Over two years of age. When adopting from a reputable rescue, you have the benefit of knowing the dog's personality from the foster and a lot of the times, if there were any issues, they were already worked on (or at least the initial work was already done) by the foster. As for the age, I'd go with a dog over two years of age because of the predictability of the personality at that point so a perfect match can be made with both the new owner and the other dog already in the house.

As for the "king" of the house, the other dog, that's where adopting from a reputable rescue really has a benefit: you can test out how they get along, have them meet and even have a trial period to see how the dogs work out together.
Jem - Kandansk- Emerging- Artist

Barked: Thu Nov 21, '13 9:32am PST 
Red Standard Poodle if she can handle the grooming.

My mini is joy in fur, if I'm crying she'll come give me kisses then bring me stuff. Like OMG this sock will make you better! No? This pig's ear!! No? Toy!! No? Okay more kisses then I'm gonna chew this pig's ear. She does the same thing when I'm sick, I'll wake up to a bed surrounded with stuff but then she just gets sucked into all the cool stuff she's found and starts playing/chewing.

From what I can tell the Standards are more mellow and cuddly, my breeders do minis & standards and they have a FB group for owners of their dogs. The standards seem to be cuddly from the get go (generally) and the minis seem to mellow into being cuddly as they get older (generally). Also I fostered a standard puppy and at about 16 weeks he loved to be on my lap.

Poodles are good to run after 2 years of age, lots of breed rescues if she wants to skip right to an adult. They aren't bounce off the walls crazy but they can go go go.

They (generally) aren't very confrontational, my mini has the sweetest temperment I've taken her to 3 different classes already and she's had no problems with any dog. They don't have SSA so a male would be fine on the poodle end. If she wants an adult a good foster based rescue could make sure the match was right.

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Barked: Fri Nov 22, '13 1:04pm PST 
A brindle American Staffordshire is closer to beige than red but still very pretty. Wash and wear fur with minimal shedding, can hike for miles then go home and be a happy lapdog. In fact hiking a few miles then settling down in your lap is their favorite thing to do. Not barky, Sophie has a wide vocabulary of sounds but she rarely barks. Size-wise I think they average around 50lbs.

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Monster- Mayhem

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Barked: Sat Nov 23, '13 5:22pm PST 
I would have to agree that a Red Doberman, may be a good fit or the Vizla.

Does she want a dog that is constantly on the go, as far energy level, or one that has an off-switch?

Can she handle bringing the dog to the groomers, if she does not like the shedding?
Charlie- Chaplin

A day without- laughter is a- day wasted
Barked: Sat Nov 23, '13 11:26pm PST 
Didn't even think of poodles, totally forgot about that nice coat on them =)

I don't think a vizsla would be good. She says she wants a suuuuper active dog, but from her activity level that I've experienced... I think she needs a jogging buddy that is able to be a general active as well (like go out to cafes, parks, etc), not a marathon buddy.

Red dobies are a nice choice.

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Flicka ~ CGC

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Barked: Sat Nov 23, '13 11:39pm PST 
Charlie- Chaplin

A day without- laughter is a- day wasted
Barked: Mon Nov 25, '13 3:46pm PST 
Flicka, you just reminded me cattle dogs come in red, haha, thanks!

Only problem to watch for would be dog aggression.
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