Help me help this dog please(I need tips!)

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Barked: Wed Oct 9, '13 5:51pm PST 
At a local college campus there is a small dog that has been running loose for a few weeks to a few months. We have a lot of wildlife around here, I don't know how it has survived so long. Anyways, I'm currently unemployed and thus have time to kill trying to catch this dog. It lets people feed it, does not like other dogs (I tried that today and it bolted), and otherwise doesn't let people get too close. I feel like I could catch it if it would take food from me, as I have done so with skittish dogs many times before. Any tips on what I should offer? I brought a can of wet dog food, but it wouldn't get close enough to even smell it, though I also think it was in pure run mode at that point because it was so afraid of Daisy (no, I obviously won't be taking her back with me) and all the other people chasing it. If I hadn't lost it, I think I would have made progress during the down time between classes when all the well intentioned but overbearing people are inside. I would really like to get this dog off the streets and into a home, and can easily foster it if I catch it. It's just a matter of getting it into safe arms.
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Barked: Wed Oct 9, '13 6:02pm PST 
Maybe a rescue could help you catch it? They have humane traps that may work. Good Luck!

Barked: Wed Oct 9, '13 6:43pm PST 
Hey try something with a strong smell like a meat treat, also try to chose a longer treat so they are not as nervous to come up and take it. If you have a leash make a loop in it that can be tighten by pulling (if your leash has a handle just place the end of the leash through the handle to form the loop. Keep the leash out of sight until the dog is comfortable eating. Then when the time is right, try more food (if needed), then slip the loop over the head and pull and "ta da" caught. puppy Good luck!


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Barked: Wed Oct 9, '13 7:23pm PST 
If u have a slip leash (the kind they use at the vet) you can put the slip leah(where the dogs head will go )on your arm like a bracelet but keep it big enough to go over the dogs head then put a treat or wet food in your hand that has the leash around the arm then u can slip the leash over the dogs head while he eats the treat.

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Barked: Thu Oct 10, '13 10:37am PST 
Rescues around here, are, well, they do good things for their animals, but they are not much help. We are kind of in the middle of nowhere to boot, so it's hard. The culture here is so different than back home, I see stray dogs everywhere, people just keep their dogs in the backyard, etc. It really is just about getting the little bugger close enough for me to catch. I have caught many a dog before, often with my belt if I don't have a leash on hand (but I do for this since I am going in prepared, yay!). Animal control, university police, and many students have tried to catch this dog, but I feel like they aren't really trying (and for the students, what would they even do with it?). I am getting a trap delivered on Friday or Saturday, but I am not sure how much help it would be. See, I can't just go and set up traps on university property, and I also am not going to leave a borrowed $60+ trap just out, so I would have to sit and watch it for a few hours while there, and I just don't know if the dog would even go in it. But I will try, as it is a good back-up option.
Maybe I could lure it with peanutbutter on a stick? I told my boyfriend that we should start just regularly feeding it at a certain spot so we could at least find it and maybe build its confidence. I know that time is the enemy, especially with winter coming.
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Barked: Fri Oct 11, '13 9:34pm PST 
As far as something irresistible, I would try the hot, boneless KFC strips, my dog never goes near me when I eat, but for those she'll jump over couches and into my lap!! Or liverworst (a smelly fav) and some sardines in oil. Anything smelly that a dog would consider a treat. I would try to get a friend to help and bring a light weight net, if you can. Weighted with cork on the sides. Some fishing stores have stuff like that and wow can they help catch a small animal! Also, another set of arms and legs is indispensable. I'd bring a large towel if nothing else. That way you can use it to catch the dog, then wrap the dog in it to keep it from biting you from fear. I wish you much luck. You're a very kind person to want to rescue this poor doggy!! dog walk
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Barked: Sat Oct 12, '13 1:51pm PST 
If you have the trap and you don't want to leave it unattended, a good idea is to bait a suitable area....one where you can supervise while out of site. Just leave some canned dog food, etc. at the spot at the same time every day. Then you know she's expecting it and hitting the area, and can leave the trap down with the food in it while you supervise the scene out of sight smile

Barked: Sat Oct 12, '13 5:58pm PST 
This might not help, but we had a similar situation on our semminary campus several weeks ago. There had been a chi that had been running loose in the new student housing since January, and campus security had been trying to catch it for months, and finally they caught it last month with a help of a little boy. Apparently the chi loved children a lot. They caught him just in time because he had an embedded collar.

Barked: Sun Oct 13, '13 1:23pm PST 
I second what Yoshi said about the kid! I spent what felt like forever trying to catch this little stray, but a kid was able to walk right up to him and put the leash on. Of course, make sure it's safe for the kid and that he/she knows to back off is the dog shows aggressive or fearful body language.

This video shows a rescue catching a very shy stray. I think it really helped that they tossed the dog food instead of trying to get the dog to immediately come to them. Perhaps this will help you? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tc_OmWppLBE

EDIT: Just thought of this . . . maybe instead of getting the dog to come to you, throw bits of hotdog or something into an enclosed area, such as a classroom or tennis court. If the dog will run in you can rush up and close the door/gate and it will give you time to sit in the area without having to chase the dog, and he can get more comfortable with you. At the very least, it'll be easier to get the leash on him.

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Barked: Mon Oct 14, '13 4:35pm PST 
That's awesome Yoshi!
Hiccup, I wish upon wish that there was some place to lure this dog into. When I say this campus is in the middle of nowhere, I mean there is literally miles of just open grassy land around it. The campus itself is still quite new and there is also a lot of stuff under construction still, making following it quite difficult (and the sport of choice is currently soccer!). Not to mention that the campus itself is huge, but it tends to stay near the edges of campus. We haven't spotted it for a few days (also, weekend), but we are going to start putting out a small pile of kibble in one location every day in hopes that we will at least start seeing it on a regular basis. If we have that then I feel like I will be able to get him/her, whether that means little kids, traps, or nets.