Too much fat in blood... high cholesterol?

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Bella &- Cougar

Barked: Thu Aug 22, '13 3:28pm PST 
My vet did wellness blood work yesterday and I was told that Bella's blood was difficult to pull and/or spin? Something along those lines, but that it was due to fat in the blood. They did not use the term "high cholesterol" but that is basically what it means, correct? Anyway, it was suggested that I might need to change her diet to one lower in fat. I'm really not sure what to say or do about this, because I refuse to change her back to kibble unless that truly is what becomes best for her. Any suggestions? She currently eats whole ground chicken.. she won't eat bones for some reason, just eats OFF of them, a good bit of pork (higher in fat, I know), beef, tripe, organs, beef heart, lung, etc. A pretty decent variety in my opinion.

Anyone else been told this? What kind of changes should I make, if any? Her levels were normal.. don't know if they test for high cholesterol, but they didn't say anything was high. Just that her blood was difficult to pull and or/spin.

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Cholesterol does not have the effect on dogs like it does in people. Here's an article to help explain... click.

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Was she fasted before the draw?

When I worked as a vet tech, fatty blood was a pretty common problem. This is why vets will tell you to fast your dog before any surgery or scheduled blood draw, so that they can guarantee a good sample.

Bella &- Cougar

Barked: Thu Aug 22, '13 6:51pm PST 
No, she was not fasted. She ate about an hour and a half before! And it wasn't scheduled. I took her in for grooming and it was time for her yearly vaccinations.

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Agree with the others. Different topic... but PLEASE do your research on yearly vaccinations. Absolutely positively NOT necessary and puts your dog at risk for immune system disorders. You are on the right track by raw feeding, now take it a step further and look at the big picture - including the studies and research on overvaccination. dancing