teachers with a kid want an adopted lab. right dog?

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hi all. we know labs take work. we're looking to adopt one that's housebroken, trained, and good with kids (we'll continue working on all the above). we would really like to get a 3 or 4 year old, but we're worried from all we've read that a lab can't handle being alone while we're at work. with as many people that work all day, and as popular as labs are, it's hard to believe there are no success stories pertaining to labs and your average working family. it would be an indoor/outdoor total member of our family while we're home, but we would be gone from 9-10 hours on weekdays. we have a giant yard and a gate to an even huger park literally in our yard. ball throwing and running around during the hours we're around (and an overly active 7 year old boy) are taken for granted. advice?

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there are thousands of labs in rescues but keep in mind that according to the three biggest lab rescues in my state many labs wind up in rescue because it turns out they can't handle being alone all day. I think you can probably find a lab that would work for you, but it might take some months. Since you have specific requirements about how long it needs to be able to be alone, I think you'd probably want to go through a rescue that fosters, and make sure to ask about whether or not the dog is being fostered with other animals. I've known a lot of dogs that can't be by themselves, but are fine with another dog.

Why do you want a lab specifically? If you're willing to go with other breeds or a mixed breed dog, you will probably have an easier time finding a dog that's right for you.