We lost Penny 6/20/2013

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It has been 1 week since I had to put Penny to sleep. It broke my heart to see her so sick. I don't know what to do not being a Jack Russell mom to 1 much less 2. I lost Patches 1 yr. ago on June 8. Penny & Patches were littermates. Penny had no muscle mass left in her front legs & shoulder. She had swallowed a phone jack & the vet didn't think a 17 yr. old dog would survive & they thought there was a cancerous mass in her belly. If she did survive she would have a very long recuperation. For 1500.00 I thought it was better to put her in dog heaven. My family was so worried, I couldn't stop crying. Now I know what it is like to cry yourself sick. We went & adopted Princess Sunday from Orphans of the Storm. Today has been hard, 1 week anniversary. I pray it will get easier. My new little adoptee makes my home less empty but I take comfort that my crazy JRTs are running dog angels in circles.

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I am so sorry about Penny hug Is Princess a Mastiff Mix? Are you talking about the Orphans in Riverwoods? 2 of my dogs were adopted there!

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Everything you are feeling is part of the grieving process. Try to think about something else. I know it's hard, but sometimes grief can become too overwhelming. You did what you could. When you are ready, get another dog. You will need to fill that hole in your heart. little angel