Thunderstorm Issues Again

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Penny- Dutchess

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Barked: Tue Jun 18, '13 3:43pm PST 
I am having thunderstorm issues again. This time is it far worse. I was good there for a long while, but now since we moved I am having a lot of issues. Twice now I have peed in the same spot and have rubber the top of my nose raw on the carpet around the pee spot. Mommy after cleaning it up after todays storms, noticed this might be the only spot in the apt where I can't see the windows. Might that be part of the issue. She needs to close the blinds in all the windows in case there is a call for storms? What else can my mommy do to help me handle these better if they pop up when she is not home?

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Queen- Belladonna- PSD

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Barked: Tue Jun 18, '13 9:02pm PST 
Hi Penny, I will tell you what my mom did for me because of the fact that I was afraid of storms too when I went to live with her and my dad. She bought me a Thundershirt and put it on me. After a few times wearing it and sleeping in my crate during storms (with a blanket over it of course) I no longer fear storms nor do I fear any of the other things that I was afraid of when I first got here. You can always have your mom paw mail my mom and ask for advice. Hope I helped a little

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Barked: Sun Jun 23, '13 1:15pm PST 
I used the Thundershirt on Pepper and she improved a lot. Not 100%, but she was so distressed that this is still a huge improvement.
Read and follow the directions, a lot of people give up if it doesn't work the first time. It takes a few times to work.

Teach some coping skills, like a safe place to hide out. Pepper likes my first floor powder room, which has no windows. Growing up, our Golden Retriever would hide in our basement.

Your can try a soft sided crate, left open, but a nice hole to crawl into. It seems it should have an easy clean floor if he is peeing in fear.

How is he when you are home during storms?

Beanster, CD, RN, CGC

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Barked: Sun Jun 23, '13 1:37pm PST 
Often a problem with the thundershirts is that in order to work they must be SNUG... Beanie wears one for car travel and unless it is as tight as I can get it, it does nothing for him. But, when it's nice and snug he is perfectly calm and collected for the whole trip.