A great Bully friend of Dogster has passed, Thor

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.

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Sarge, our- precious- Angel

Barked: Tue Jun 18, '13 10:15am PST 
Have heard from family that a long time member of Dogster, Thor, passed in his sleep. His page ishttp://www.dogster.com/dogs/457288/photo/5459364

He is the son of Rommel, another Dogster member.

Please remember him in your prayers and thoughts.

hughughughughughughug Thor hughughughughughughughug
Scooter,- PAWS

Power of the Paw- for those who- need it
Barked: Tue Jun 18, '13 12:43pm PST 
cry Sarge, I'm so sorry. I remember hearing of Thor before. Sending positive thoughts and prayers for Thor's family


Black dogs rock!
Barked: Tue Jun 18, '13 1:49pm PST 
little angelrainbowrainbow RIP peace mighty Thor, you will be missedcryhug To his family.


too old to eat- any more KD
Barked: Tue Jun 18, '13 3:42pm PST 
My heartfelt condolences. Da Boyz shall have SPAM & farts tonight in honour of our dear friend. cry
Theodore aka- Teddy - **CGC**

Big Head. Big- Heart.
Barked: Tue Jun 18, '13 4:02pm PST 
I haven't been on Dogster for a while, but hearing about Thor's passing is enough to bring me out of hibernation. Sending big love to the big guy and his sweet mama
Tiller- (Skansen's- Ira in the M

I DO Exist...To- Drive You Batty
Barked: Tue Jun 18, '13 4:46pm PST 
Oh dear frown RIP, big guy. His mom is always amongst the first to reach out to those who have lost their doggie shadows. She knows what it is about, but of course it is never easy. If only for the privilege of being loved and entertained by them so profoundly. Warmest thoughts and sorrows.

Barked: Tue Jun 18, '13 4:53pm PST 
hughughughughugflowers Valhalla awaits big guy hughughughughugflowers

I'm the Bee's- Knees!

Barked: Tue Jun 18, '13 5:22pm PST 
Keeping Thor and his family in my thoughts and pawrayers.
cloud 9
Flicka ~ CGC

NO-ONE is going- to sneak up on- my Mummy
Barked: Tue Jun 18, '13 7:10pm PST 
Go give them Heck Thor !!

Love and Hugssssss

Turner - Gone Too- Soon

Hi I'm Turner- Wanna Smell My- Butt?
Barked: Tue Jun 18, '13 8:41pm PST 
Rest in Peace Thor little angel I got an e-mail from Thor's mom, she said she'll post a memorial for him when she's ready. Thor's family are in our thoughts and prayers. Thor, I hope you have an endless bowl of Spam buddy! way to go
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