bone cancer

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I'm an owner of a 5 year old saint whom was just diagnosed with bone cancer. I understand the severity of the diagnosis and the ultimate outcome. My question is to anyone who has gone through this, did you choose or not choose to amputate, why or why not, and if not, when did you decide to put them down?. He's currently still very active, eating, happy, but I'm wondering how long before the cancer really starts to effect him. I just want to do what's best for him as my heart is beyond broken right now. Any thoughts and opinions are highly valued. Thank you.

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I'm so sorry for you and your boy. I wish I had words of encouragement, but I've not dealt with cancer in a dog before.

My only comment about possibly doing an amputation is the weight factor. Carrying around 150+ lbs on 3 legs may be way too much for the joints of the remaining legs. I don't know, maybe a doggy wheelchair could help, but the size is of concern.

I wish you and your pup the very best.hug
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Hi there...First, I'm sorry for the diagnosis. frown I do know it's more difficult for larger dogs to carry the weight on three legs, but it is possible. Heck, I just googled it and read about three legged st. bernards.

I'm not really familar with st. bernards though. I have asked one of my friends who lost a st. bernard to bone cancer to come post if she can.

In the meantime, just know I'm thinking of you and sending positive thoughts


P.S. There is also a health forum here and you may get more responses there if you want to ask other owners with large breeds about their experiences as well

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hughughug We lost our Dolly to bone cancer 2 years ago this Aug. It's heartbreaking! We chose not to amputate, Dolly was 8 years old and had some arthritis so we decided it would be too hard on her. Usually by the time they are diagnosed there is some metastases to ther parts of the body. Our vet's advice was to take her home and spoil the heck out of her, which we did. She did fine except for some limping for a couple of months. At the end she was having a little trouble breathing (it had spread to her lungs which from what I read is very common) and we knew it was time.
I do know of a Saint who had cryo surgery and chemo but he only lived a couple of months longer than Dolly did.
I am so so sorry to hear of your boy being diagnosed. hughughug
Dolly was diagnosed on June 11 and lived until Aug 28th.
Enjoy the time you have left is my advice. Remain cheerful and spoil the heck out of him! We cooked Dolly's favorite foods, took her for rides, walks and anything we knew she enjoyed.
Its very common for the extra large breeds to develop bone cancer. But it hasn't stopped me from sharing my life with another. They are wonderful dogs! hughughug