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Does anybody have a Cavoodle? Cavalier King Charles and Poodle cross. I am considering one for my 6 year old. From what I read they are good (ie on paper) but I wondered if anybody actually had one and could comment?
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Since it is not a breed there is no guarantee how the dog will turn out. Any mutt/mixed breed could have any number of traits from either breed. A better option would be to contact a local rescue, tell them what you are looking for in terms of temperament, exercise, trainabilty,size, grooming, etc. & they will match you with a fabulous dog for you & your daughter. They may even have a cavalier-poodle mix for you.
Please do not be fooled into thinking this is a breed of its own, with specific breed traits. It is a mutt, or mixed breed. Nothing wrong with that..one of my dogs is a mutt (gsd-coyote mix). Best dog ever cloud 9
Also do NOT buy from a back yard breeder or pet store, especially a pet store. You will likely end up with a puppy mill dog..and a host of genetic, behavioural, & health issues.

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Yes, please be aware it's not an actual breed. It's a "designer" dog, a purpose bred crossbreed. Nothing wrong with that in itself, but unfortunately they are often not bred to the high standards that purebreds are. The Cavalier should have extensive health testing done on it as they are on average an unhealthy breed. Poodles i believe need a fair few health tests too. If you're not prepared to seek out a "breeder" who does do extensive testing...which in fairness you'll find extremely difficult for a crossbreed...maybe even impossible, then you should have a think about another breed, or if you're really set on this mix, consider a rescue dog.

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I would be EXTREMELY wary of buying a designer mix in any scenario, because they are typically not bred from the best of specimens -- but ESPECIALLY in a designer mix that is combining anything with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, as this breed has some extremely severe health issues in their very small gene pool that require extensive testing of stock and very scrupulous and careful breeding practices, both of which are not typical with those purpose-breeding mix breeds. Tread very very carefully here. Mixing this breed with another breed will not magically erase the potential health problems of the Cav.

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I agree with Kolbe. Unless you could stumble on a reputable Cavalier breeder who had an oops litter, and that's unlikely, I would go far, far away from that cross. They are a breed plagued by severe and devastating health issues. Crossing them with another breed does not magically erase those genetic codes and since even apparently healthy dogs can be genetic carriers, unless the breeder can provide proof of testing there is no guarantee.
As others mentioned, contact a local rescue and tell them what you want.

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I feel the need to ask why, if you like both of those breeds, why not just get one of those? What is the allure of getting a designer mix?

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Yes, what is the draw of this particular mix? I know someone with this mix and honestly, I prefer the breeds separately. She was told his shedding would be minimal, but he sheds a fair bit. He also has allergies that cause him to constantly have a red and itchy bum. They've changed his diet numerous times and now think it may be an environmental allergy. Anyways, some people think a mixed breed is automatically healthier than a purebred and that just isn't true.
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I need to google this because the coat must be a hot mess. A long coated sheding breed mixed with a curly coated breed? Bleh. My shih-tzu poodle mix is enough of a matted mess for me, when she starts getting longer than 1/2" it's brushing every single day. My 15 week poodle puppy can go days without brushing.