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Abrams Tank- SD

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Personally I think its a very awesome chapter. Many people just dont get the fact that invisible disabilities. My husband who is Tank's actual handler is a disabled veteran and Tank has been out with us several times and most kids are really bad about just running up and petting Tank without asking. New Years Eve this year is a good example. Some friends of ours were putting on a wrestling show and invited us to come because two of them are co general managers of the independent wrestling group. We went and took Tank with us. A bunch of kids came running up when the group took their first intermission and I took Tank while my hubby went out for a smoke. I took Tank with me to get a drink of water and gave him water in his portable bowl. These kids with no parents in sight swarmed all over Tank while he was trying to get a drink. I asked them kindly to leave the dog alone the first time then got a little tougher each time after that. Finally I snapped something like go back to your parents and leave the dog alone! He needs a drink and cant get it with all of you in his face! The security guard came over and told them to go back to their drunk parents and stay with them or he would throw them all out. When we do meet people who ask if they can pet Tank or dont even notice him I find that he seems to focus on his handler faster afterwards. I am hoping that his sister is going to be as good a SDiT as he is in a few months. The only thing I could think of adding is maybe a comment like "Parents if you have your children with you and allow them to run up to me and my dog expect me to reach out and pet the baby in your arms just like your kids are doing to my dog. In other words parents please keep your kids close to you at all times or keep them leashed at all times.
Crazy Sadie- Lady

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Tank is right and it is really hard sometimes when people question me cause I have trouble exsplaining why I don't like people petting sadie sometimes. Sometimes I feel I am away mentally sometime exspecailly when I get too tyered. I had to let my worker that I have hold on to sadie while I wen in to get a test. She is a new working that has agreed to work both with me and Sadie (my old one was not will to work with us) I guess she said that a few people wanted to pet her and I told her it was best she did not do so. Sadie loves people and I was not as a rule worried she would miss behave I just did not feel it was a good thing to allow it with out me being there (I just felt funny about it) She is a dog person so I was not worried that she could not handle Sadie. She very much understand that I needed to start working with Sadie in all the place I needed to go and Sue my old worker was baddly allergic. I think this is working better then I had thought and I had worked with her once before. So I was not working with a total stranger.
I am not sure I am responding to this post right and I maybe off subject but I guess I just wanted to say that I am finding that My town is very easy going and I have not had isshues while I am in places with Sadie. I even got a shocked person today in the pet shop we went up in to today.
After she realized Sadie was a SD he said she was such a well behaved dog. He had assumed like most she was a pit and I told him that there was a big differents between the breeds and some very strong simularrities. Though I have also told him I know a lot of people with Pits for their SD.
Sadie is really getting better now that we work more together. I am very happy that she is really good with her behayor though the jumping is still an issue, but she dose not do it while she is working....


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does anyone have any more opinions on this?
Crazy Sadie- Lady

Im a SD and- proud of it so- there!!!!
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I have a few I just feel that to each his own where who dose what and how with their SD.
Like a lot of people dont really mind letting people pet their dog.
I call it as I see it at this point when that happens. SOme people bath their dogs ever other day some once a week and so on I bath sadie at least every other week if she seems to have a really bad doggie oder. Like now she smells like skunk lol ( I think she stuck her nose up a skunks butt) any way it will be bath time soon for that girl. I still am having a few issues with her on jumping but people tell me if she is not doing it while she is working then I should not really mind her doing.
I on the other hand have problems with it and am working on it.
There are many things that are good for one and not so good for others.