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It ain't over- till the fat- kitty sings
Barked: Fri May 3, '13 2:41pm PST 
Just found this in the new issue of Bark magazine-

It's a personality test for owners or rescues to use, several pages of questions then they score in averages compared to other pooches of your dogs breed. Stars mean your dogs pretty much on target, one flag might be an issue, two flags might be a bigger issue.

Sophie's results were predictable. Afraid of being afraid and mega separation anxiety. Otherwise easygoing considering...

Callie did a lot better, protective of his humans and house but otherwise pretty happy and even-keeled.
Iris vom- Zauberberg

Service Werewolf
Barked: Fri May 3, '13 4:11pm PST 
Thanks for posting it. It seemed well thought-out and the final scoring is easy to understand.

Black dogs rock!
Barked: Fri May 3, '13 4:17pm PST 
So far I just did Bunny, but I have a bit of a problem with that test. Some of Bunny's issues are situation related. For example, he is food aggressive but only for high value things. He will let any of us, including Princesse in his food bowl. If we drop something on the floor, that's a whole different story. Due to my answers, he got a red flag on owner directed aggression, but he will not actually bite me. He also scored very high on owner attention, but that's OK with mesmile He scored high in chase drive, but I knew that smile All in all he scored pretty much how I thought he would. The red flags were all areas I am working with him on smile I will do Princesse when I get back from dog walk


Woo-woo- whineybutt
Barked: Fri May 3, '13 4:28pm PST 
Nare got red flags for Energy (cause he doesn't bounce off the walls when we go for a walk I guess), begging (he'll beg if you'll give!) and others grooming him (fearful).

Darn it, Nare.
Alva BH

I ordered the- best dog for me- & got her
Barked: Fri May 3, '13 5:08pm PST 
I did this test a while ago and had totally forgotten it.

Alva got some red flags but I am not worried because I know her and those flags were probably the results of my excessive honesty. Well, I don't recall the expression, but when someone reads something too precisely. If you ask, for example, if my dog has ever snapped at something, I say yes, because she has, yet I do not see it as any problem since she had a reason to do so. It would be better to ask 'does she usually snap at X'.

Alva got a flag at energy which I cannot understand. I think she is lazy and how can laziness be an issue? She is a nice companion and being lazy does not make her difficult. Though I cannot remember how I answered those questions and what was asked there. She has her active moments and I definitely do not mind them. It only shows that she is a dog and not a plush toy.

Another flag she got from house defecation, because she does it if I mess up with her feeding schedule. It happened more when she was younger and less nowadays. It is definitely not a training issue.

Third flag she had at familiar dog aggression. That sounds very bad, but it came from food guarding. She would snap at any dog who approaches her bowl. I think it is normal, but I've addressed to her that it is not allowed to scold another dog when that other is only passing by or standing meters away. Thereafter she learned to snarl first if she thinks someone tries to poke their nose into her bowl while she is eating. Usually she doesn't have to, because she knows that I do not allow other dogs to disrupt her and she is either not allowed to steal their food. I can now feed her in the presence of other animals without problems. If she is ever taken care by someone else than family member, I'll advice to feed her separately and keep anything edible out of sight if another dogs are present.
Yet later I've become a bit worried how fast she eats when other animals are present. I think it might be a sign of stress related to feeding situations.

Whippy- The- Whipador
Barked: Fri May 3, '13 5:45pm PST 
Ty got two red flags for Separation-related problems ( which i knew he would as he has SA ), one in the Attachment/attention-seeking category and two in the Energy category ( he's not hyper, boisterous or overly active. He's actually very lazy wink ). I think they've marked him down as a red flag in the attention/attachment section because i said he's very attached to me, that's the only thing i can think of for scoring him that way. But overall he did really well. So many of the questions i was just clicking "never". My good boy cloud 9

Missy got quite a few red flags. Two for dog directed aggression which was always gonna be obvious, two for Attachment/attention-seeking( have no idea why really ), a flag in the energy category and she also scored 3 red flags in the Miscellaneous category on Hyperactivity, Barking & Grooming others.
Princesse- Lily CGN

I am RoyalChi!
Barked: Fri May 3, '13 5:46pm PST 
Hmm, got a bit of a surprise with Princessesmile Red flags with stranger aggression, and dog directed aggression, neither one of which surprises me. What did surprise me was that she scored low on the energy scale. She does go out for walks and keeps up but in the house, she is pretty lazy. Which is a good thing, because hubby spends a lot of time sitting down and she is his doglaugh out loud

It's all about- the love
Barked: Fri May 3, '13 6:48pm PST 
Red flag for rolling in smelly stuff and excitability. Also peeing in the house on occasion. They put it as separation anxiety which I don't think is the reason/

Noms for the- pug...
Barked: Fri May 3, '13 7:07pm PST 
Capone got a red flag for Energy, which I guess is because he's low energy. But what do you expect from a 12 year old pug. He only got the red flag in the "all dogs" category, not dogs of the same breed. So that makes sense.

He also got red flags for "Grooming Self" and "Grooming Others". I am assuming that's because I put that he sometimes licks himself or me excessively. He licks his own paws because of allergies and that's a constant work in progress. But when I stop him from licking himself, he redirects to my feet and legs sometimes which I think is just a licking obsession. And I do allow it because it doesn't bother me.

So no real surprises for me. Overall, Capone scored very well. That was fun! Thanks for posting it.
Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Sat May 4, '13 5:33am PST 
Jackson got red flags for dog directed aggression/fear, chasing, non social fear and energy. Also leash pulling, barking and self grooming. Most of the categories were gold stars which is good to see and no double flags!
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