Breed Recommendations?

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So we have been talking about getting another dog for a while now. And now that we are buying a house here in AK and we will have 4.7 acres for said dog to run around on with Maya. I am getting more serious about researching breeds. We live in AK, and are very active. We have a 2 year old who is good with animals. As far as animal care goes I consider him very mature for his age. He already helps us with training Maya smile Any breed suggestions for me to look into? Must have long hair or undercoat(I dont really want to have to put a sweater on said dog every time it comes time to go outside into -15 degree weather or even colder in the winter, lol. We also have a cat(bengal) but he doesnt run away from anything like other cats, he is a bit of a brute. Also there is no fencing, so a breed that is not generally known for wandering...

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Since your requirements aren't very specific, have you considered a rescue? I know AK has a lot of Husky type dogs in their shelters that can withstand cold temps. If you went with an adult, you could specifically look for a dog that's good off lead.

If you wanted a puppy, I'd look for a herding breed/mix to give you the best odds of having a dog that won't wander too far. As long as the dog wouldn't be outside all night, something like a German Shepherd or Australian Shepherd would have enough coat to keep it warm in AK and both are quite common in shelters. Something like a Golden Retriever could also work well.

More details would be helpful. What kind of temperament do you like? A velcro dog that follows you from room to room? Or a more independent dog? Do you like a dog that lives to please you? Or a dog that's more willful with a sense of humor? Do you want an aloof dog that's more likely to ignore strangers and/or be protective, or a dog that's best friends with everyone? Would running in the yard be the dog's primary exercise? Any sports you're interested in (agility, skijoring, rally, ect.)? What leveling of shedding/grooming are you willing to deal with? Size? What's too big or too small? Things of that nature.

ETA: That's a good point about the prey drive, JT. Kind of forgot about the cat. Between that and no fence, the right Husky would probably be hard to find. Many of the herders and gun dogs get along with cats and children, aren't prone to wandering, and can handle cold temperatures. Without more details it's difficult to give more specific recommendations.

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I second Oni about a nice long haired herding dog/mix, possibly one of the softer bred GSDs or an Australian Shepherd. I have a herding type who is quite mild of temperament, friendly, reliable off lead AND defers to my mother in law's bengal cat. Retired worker, had his career and just a beautiful companion, you couldn't ask for more. Border Collie could work too as long as you don't get too neurotic a specimen, they certainly love to train. Husky could work too but you would need to find the right one as many have a prey drive and can be cat killers.


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Oh I don't know why I didn't think of Australian Shepherd! We almost got a puppy about a year before we ended up getting Maya. We would of course love to rescue. But DH will not get adult dogs(we've had fights over this) he wants to get them when they are puppies. It's understandable though. Especially now that we have our son Noah we really want whatever dog we get to grow up with him and we are going to have him feed and take care of them(he LOVES feeding the dog and training!) Thank you for the help. I'm going to look into the australian shepherds again and if I decide on that I guess I will probably just wait until a rescue somewhere here has a puppy. Thanks for the help! Any other breeds to check out anyone?

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you're talkin' bearded collie !!!!! you want long flowing hair and an undercoat ??? You got it here. No one here on dogster will talk about the beardie but believe me this fun loving super loyal herder is exactly what you're looking for (aussies are cool... but beardies rule).... take a look !

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How about a German Shepherd?