just ate tulip bulb!

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Barked: Wed Apr 17, '13 4:42pm PST 
Hi, I just caught my 62# dog pulling up a tulip and of course, when I went to take it from her she thought it'd be fun to run around the yard while she ate most of the bulb. I know tulip bulbs are toxic, so far she's acting fine (happened about 20 minutes ago). Is there anything I should do immediately? Our vet is closed, and we haven't had the best experience at emergency vet (but will go if we have to). Thanks for any info.

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I would have her vomit it up. I know you can give her hydrogen peroxide to make her vomit, but I don't know how much.I would call poison control if I were you. Just know there is a fee for the phone call. It's cheaper than a vet visit. Poison control 800-213-6680. Good Luck! Please let us know how she makes out. smile

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