Severe Allergies

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I volunteer for a rescue and we have a family surrendering their dog because they can not afford his medical expenses due to allergies. He will only be with me for the weekend and then to a different foster home (who will also feed raw) but I plan to start him on a raw diet right away hoping it will help his symptoms. Wondering if anyone here has an experience with dogs with allergies and raw diet. If the allergen is the food, how fast will I see improvements? He is a Rhodesian Ridgeback (ridgeless tho), 5 years old, neutered male. I haven't seen him yet but based on her descriptions, he very uncomfortable.


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It will take a while to go through an elimination diet to determine if he has food allergies and if so, which foods. Surely a lot longer than a week, let alone a weekend.
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do you have any idea what he's allergic too?

Jake has seasonal allergies to pollens and certain types of grass. He also has an allergy to corn, wheat, glutten and soy. So most dog foods were off the table first off.

If you have no idea what he's allergic too i recommend just bitting the bullet and getting the allergy test done or putting him on a Limited Ingredient dog food util you can figure out what he can and cannot have. I was lucky. I just moved up a food class in dog food and was good.

Do you know what his prior owners were feeding him? If so. Go with that's in that bag and eliminate it all. Start with same protein and with no grain, soy or whatever. IF still haveing reaction then it may be the protein. If you're going all raw though i would pick chicken and see what happens.

If he still has allergies then it could be a chicken allergy. It will take you awhile. It took me about a month to realize jake's itchy, eye boogers and excess sheading was do to allergies.

Then it took us about 2 weeks to eliminate with dog food change over. From Authority (Petsmart brand of dog food based on Corn and chicken) to Blue Buffalo. But the resulting farts took us to Avoderm Grain free and he was fine. But then after a health food scare I went to raw. Found out he can't have raw pork.

So all in all it was about 2 months to learn what made jake allergies go haywire and what was safe.

My new dog caroline can eat anything it seems. She doesn't seem to have any known allergies. Thankfully.

Good luck with your elimination diet.


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Thanks for the tips. He is currently fed Purina dog chow :/ So I think anything I feed will be an improvement but I'm putting him straight on a raw diet. I know it won't be cured over the weekend but hopeful for a little improvement at least! He comes tonight, we'll she how bad it is. Poor guy...

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Sandy is allergic to chicken and grain and my vet says those r the 2 most common food allergies, raw has no grain so if I were u id try no chicken first. Sandy eats the Stella and chewys premade raw venison and also the rabbit and he has never felt better. We use to go to the vet at least once ir twice a month with different stomach problems.