The Honest Kitchen recall

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Barked: Thu Feb 21, '13 8:16pm PST 
February 21, 2013 – The Honest Kitchen has today announced it is voluntarily recalling five lots of its Verve, Zeal and Thrive dog foods because they may be contaminated with Salmonella bacteria. The items were produced between August and November 2012 and sold nationwide in the US and Canada via retail stores, mail order and online after August 2012. No other Honest Kitchen production dates, batches, or products are affected.

Read more here:
http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-recall/honest-kitchen- recalls-dog-food/
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Barked: Fri Feb 22, '13 5:17am PST 
We use the Honest Kitchen and have 2 boxes of Zeal. Called the company and they were very helpful. Said none of their tests have turned up anything but a supplier had problems and since they got their parsly for the specific lots manufactured from that supplier they are recalling the 5 batches.

. Which product lots are being recalled?
Item Code: V4, VR
Production Date: 8/20/12
Expiration Date: 8/20/13
Size: 4 lb. box, 10 lb. box
Lot Number: 2332A (batches 1-3)

Item Code: VR
Production Date: 11/1/12
Expiration Date: 11/1/13
Size: 10 lb. box
Lot Number: 3062A (batches 8 & 9)

Item Code: Z4, ZR
Production Date: 8/14/12
Expiration Date: 8/14/13
Size: 4 lb. box, 10 lb. box
Lot Number: 2272A (batches 1-5)

Item Code: ZR
Production Date: 9/21/12
Expiration Date: 9/21/13
Size: 10 lb. box
Lot Number: 2652A (batches 1-4)

Item Code: TM
Production Date: 9/18/12
Expiration Date: 9/18/13
Size: 1 oz. sample
Lot Number: 2622A (batch 3)

Barked: Fri Feb 22, '13 4:10pm PST 
Thanks for posting, i will pass the informa.tion on to people i know

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Barked: Wed Jun 5, '13 4:58am PST 
We've been feeding Honest Kitchen for several months now. I've only used Embark & Love, which aren't included in the recall, but I have to say that this still makes me nervous. I guess it just goes to show that any company can have issues.

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Barked: Wed Jun 5, '13 5:55pm PST 
Best thing is though that THK was extremely pro-active about this. They recalled their food and sent out emails as soon as they suspected something. The salmonella was in some parsley that had been sold to a human food company, NOT THK. They tested their food and didn't show any salmonella.

I had a box of the Zeal at the time and sent in the form they sent me and I received a check for the amount of the box less than a week later. I call that very responsible! That recall has not put me off their food, in fact it has made me an even more loyal customer!
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Barked: Thu Jun 6, '13 12:17am PST 
No company can totally avoid occasional recalls. The important thing is how they handler them. HK did good.

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Barked: Fri Jun 7, '13 5:55pm PST 
I still support Honest kitchen it's a good product and they handled it well.