Have you ever watched Dr Karen Becker's videos?

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Barked: Thu Jan 31, '13 6:27am PST 
Dr Becker is one of Chicagolands Top 10 Vets. She does some great videos. Here is one talking about species appropriate foods. Hope you enjoy! I find her to be very informative.

Dr Becker: The Best and Worst Types of Dog Food
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Barked: Fri Feb 1, '13 6:03am PST 
I tried to watch it, but it won't let mom pull up the video at work. I'll definitely take a peek this weekend though. Thanks Tessie! hughughug
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Barked: Sat Feb 9, '13 8:10pm PST 
I absolutely love her, so informative. You can sign on to her facebook page and you will get so much more than you do by just visiting her website. We have worked with her personally with several pets, she is a truly compassionate Vet and loves what she does, boy! does that make a huge difference. Check her out you won't be sorry and you will get some great information.