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Princess- Shadow

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Barked: Tue Jan 29, '13 8:59am PST 
So you may have (or maybe not) seen that Miss Shadow is dealing with the clostridium bacteria. She just can't seem to kick it. We've went through I believe 3 rounds of medication to kick it out of her system. The first two times they gave us 10 days worth and this last time they gave us 20 days to try to really attack it. The vet had her us on Metron..can't think of the name, he also has her taking probiotics every day (Forti-Flora) my questions to you all is how in the WORLD do we kick this out of her system?

We've been wiping her paws and bum down after she goes outside every time and we keep her away from most of the "common" factors of how she may be "reinfecting" or may have developed it in the first place, but it just won't go away.

We are currently in a lease in an apartment complex and don't have the means to treat the outside area or remove ourselves from the enviroment.

We are really at a loss on how to help her kick this. It's been really hard on the pocket having to keep buying her the medicine. The weird thing about her case of it is most of the symptoms she has are pretty mild compared to the research I've been doing on it. We've also found once she is on the meds it seems to help her stool be more formed as well as curbing the emergency middle of night poo runs.

The vet did also suggest the high-fiber diet (as you may have read in my other post) to help her kick it and I'm just wondering also if anyone has had this suggested to them to help?

We are just really hoping to do something to kick this stupid bacteria out of her system as this is no fun for her to have and like I said pretty hard on the wallet too.

Many thanks in advance!
Princess Shadow and fam. dog

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Princess- Shadow

Adopted dogs are- the BEST kind!
Barked: Thu Jan 31, '13 8:20am PST 
We could REALLY use some suggestions..
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Barked: Thu Jan 31, '13 12:35pm PST 
If I remember correctly, does she have other health issues as well? From I can see, there are two ty pes of clostridium bacteria....

the clostridium perfringens and clostridium difficile

What antibiotics has she been given? I'm just trying to do the reading the same way you are. I wish I could help more. Are you homecooking? I have no idea if that's related, but I did read that the food should come from a trustworthy source. i'm just throwing that one out there.

Here's the article i'm referring to:



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Barked: Fri Feb 1, '13 11:25am PST 
I'm not sure if it holds true for dogs, but in humans antibiotics are essentially the cause of Clostridium infections. Due to killing all of the normal gut flora and ingesting the environmental spores that typically are not harmful but become harmful with the wiped out gut.

I'm guessing it's C.diff as that's more difficult to treat due to antibiotic resistance.

In human's they are currently working on a new form of treatment called fecal transplant. This has given a 13/16 success rate (whereas the antibiotic treatment is 3/16).
I'm wondering if the same treatment is available for dogs. Maybe something to speak with your vet about?

I'm also wondering if there's a possibility of her staying with a family member for the time being? I understand it's a large responsibility for whomever may take her in, but it may be the only thing to allow her to replenish her flora.
Princess- Shadow

Adopted dogs are- the BEST kind!
Barked: Wed Feb 6, '13 8:40am PST 
So far she has been given metronidazole as well as a new one this more recent time that starts with an A. This recent one is a liquid that we are having to give her by syringe.

She is eating Taste of the Wild currently and is also eating sugar free shredded wheat plus taking forti flora.

She is having some trouble with some elevated levels in her liver but that may in turn be the reason she's having trouble kicking it or vice versa.

We do not have any family to take her in that live close by.