Saw another service dog today.....

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Cheyenne- Starr

Car- ride...Yipee!
Barked: Fri Jan 25, '13 4:34pm PST 
Not sure what to make of this and not sure I handled the situation properly. What would you have done?

Was out shopping in a store and got in line to check out. In line in front of me, was a service dog and handler. Lady's dog turned around and saw Cheyenne, then showed its teeth and snarled at her! The handler says to me, "Ooo I'm sorry, he doesn't know what that thing on her face is (gentle leader) that's why he's growling."

I immediately put Chey behind me on the other side, and other handler put her dog in a down stay. Chey totally ignored him, which I was pleased with. I did not say anything to the handler...I'm not good with confrontation. Any ideas, in case this sort of thing happens again?
Rest in- Paradise- Voltaire.- 1/1

Did somebody say- deer??
Barked: Sat Jan 26, '13 2:53pm PST 
1. I think That's bull. A dog doesn't take notice of a gentle leader and snarl at it...IMVHO

2. You did the right thing protecting your dog from another "SD" that was snarling at it; I would have bitched it up another notch and said rather loudly "Control your snarling dog or you will be asked to leave" Purely for the sake of other people hearing and witnessing the behavior of their dog and my own.

But that's just me.

My guy has been attacked twice in public and I nearly had to retire him, so I have zero tolerance for that crap.
Cheyenne- Starr

Car- ride...Yipee!
Barked: Sat Jan 26, '13 4:00pm PST 
That's kinda how I felt Voltaire... I've never had another dog snarl at Chey, let alone another service dog! I hear from so many other handlers about their dog being attacked by other service dogs. How does that happen? I try to be so careful around other dogs.... Always have space between us. It really stresses me out, just thinking about it!

Ginger DSA- ThD TT CGC - &hearts

My Angel
Barked: Sat Jan 26, '13 4:43pm PST 
I don't think a service dog should be growling just because he doesn't know what something is... That sounds like a serious issue!
Service Dogs in Training

Service Dog in- Progress
Barked: Sat Jan 26, '13 6:53pm PST 
The handler was obviously just trying to make an excuse. If a dog doesn't like the gentle leader it will paw at it or rub it against stuff. It's not going to snarl at other dogs because of a head collar. A service dog should have an even temperament and be decently sociable with other dogs. If it was me I would have made a comment such as, "Wow I've never seen a service dog show such aggression like that."
Cheyenne- Starr

Car- ride...Yipee!
Barked: Sat Jan 26, '13 8:28pm PST 
Service dogs in training- Ooo, I like that comment! I wanted to say something to the other handler, but I was caught off guard & couldn't think fast enough! Thankyou, I will try to remember that for next way to go

The Boy Wonder
Barked: Sun Jan 27, '13 12:06am PST 
As other's have said that was completely inappropriate behavior on the part of the dog as well as the handler. No legitimate service dog should ever growl at a passive dog while working regardless of What they're wearing. You were very right to protect your dog, it's cases like this that make my skin crawl. I've had my service dog's attacked in public or nearly attacked more in the past three years than in the whole rest of my time handling service dogs.

Mali Woo
Barked: Fri Feb 1, '13 12:11pm PST 
I agree, something was up with that dog. I am so happy nothing happened to your dog. So far I have been lucky nothing has happen when I have been out with Mali alone.

A couple of years ago my husband and I used to take the girls to a dog park, but only if there were no other dogs there at the time. If other dogs came we left. Since he works from home we most often went during the day. One day we were at the dog park and I was standing next to the fence when an older man and his wife went walking by with a Great Dane on a leash Mali was standing next to me. She always hates it when I don’t sit down. Suddenly the Dane lunged at the fence to attack Mali. My other 3 girls were only a couple of yards away.

Mali thought the dog was after me and through her body between me and the Dane keeping the fence between them. My husband grabbed my arm pulling me out of the way as my other 3 girls rushed in; it was like a freight train of noise. The older man and his wife pulled hard on the leash of the Dane snapping back hard on his pinch. Some other man came running from a nearby playground and helped. It turned out he was their son-in-law. He took the Dane away and the older man and his wife stayed to apologize.

I held onto Mali’s and Hera’s collar and Steve had Yuki and Rani’s collar. They explained how they had their Dane in training for dog aggression and had hoped they had beaten it. NOT! All I could think of is what if we had not been behind the chain link fence…!

Lolly girl
Barked: Fri Feb 1, '13 12:44pm PST 
That sounds bad, SD should never grow. It makes me wonder if she was trying to pass off a pet,ESA or comfort dog as a SD. I would hope an ESA would not act like that even when they don't have access rights.
I was at the store the other day with my husband and this man had a boxer with him it was wearing a cow bell on its neck, and had on of those ID tags you get off the internet..no vest, the man was older had a cane. The dog seemed well behaved until it saw Polly, it went to the very end of its leash and stood on its hind legs just staring at Polly, the guy just kept walking not even aware of what his dog was doing, the dog just kept going up on its hinds legs. Polly looked at me and made a little whine, which she has never done before.

I corrected her and finaly the guy noticed his dog and made it sit and he stayed away from us. I have never seen a SD do the before so maybe not a SD?
I always try to stay away from other SD teams just in case shrug
Crazy Sadie- Lady

Im a SD and- proud of it so- there!!!!
Barked: Fri Feb 1, '13 1:19pm PST 
I have seen a couple other service dogs one was a guide dog for a blind person.
I think it was young still cause it was acknowleging sadie and Because of this sadie was sorta acknowleging it too. This had went on in a pet store but still I took sadie to this place cause it was a public place that pets go so she could have some socail contact with people and other animals.
Since I have not been able to get out much I thought it was just a good thing to keep her in check with other animals. Many things in my life have sorta grounded me to my house so in fear that it would effect sadie socailly so this was the best I could do for now. Being a good SD for in home now she dose still work. She still alerts to my sugars and dose all her tasks. I just have not been able to take her out to public places cause I work with a worker who is allergic. So she seeing another SD wile working was interesting and as to how I handled it I just made the blind person awear Sadie was there so that she could hold her dog in check since I was doing so with Sadie. Since that dog was working for a blind person. It all worked out well and the woman was curious to what breed Sadie was. Guess it was her first incounter with another SD. (at least in while if not the first)
I try to give the other person a heads up when I incounter them so that Sadie sees that the other dog
is being held in check too (if that is also done). I have had people frown at my point of view with animals I tend to talk to them like people and comunicate my displeaser of unwanted behavyor.
I am not saying this to do a debate just to make a statement that I have a different way of owner training that works for me and she behaves while in public and that is all that matter to me the public I think. That is the point for most part when owner training and having a SD that is trained out side of a program.
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