Aggressive dog coming into yard!

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Koda is the rottie/pit/mix of my parents neighbor. He's very friendly with the neighbors and their other dogs! He kisses and plays, he's a good dog.

However!~Koda has slowly expanded *his* territory into my parents yard! It started a few years ago with him jumping the fence and peeing on a tree. Then it turned into him jumping the fence and barking at my parents and guests.

Now he's jumping the fence and snarling with teeth bared! He's even started to lunge and snap!

The neighbors are keeping him indoors when their not out in the yard but we'd all like to see this resolved with him having room to run.

I have no idea why my parents let it get to this point before they've tried anything but *shrug*
So far, they've had the neighbors bring Koda over and give him pettings and treats-to make peace...

Ironically, this has only made the aggressive trips more intense and more frequent.

So, any tips? My boyfriend says to get pepper spray and when Koda gets aggressive....

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*update* Koda is an unaltered male in an all male, three dog pack. Their all unaltered and once a year, Koda is used as a stud

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By having him over for pets and treats it seems to have just reinforced that he owns that yard. My cousins had a very large mixed breed that did the same thing, they beefed up the fence in hopes of keeping the dog out but to no avail. Eventually my uncle started spraying him with the garden hose every time he caught him in there and that seemed to work well, it also can be sprayed without getting within biting distance of the dog. That is kind of a summer fix only though lol.
It sounds like the dogs owners should dedicate more time to tiring the dog out so he feels less like roaming and more like taking a nap. Having a big yard is nice but boring, a dog with a large yard still needs the mental stimulation provided by trips away from the home. Being in a house with 2 other unaltered males is probably not ideal either, too much competition so he is finding his own range away from the other dogs.
Changing the dogs behavior is hard to do when it's not your dog so the best bet is finding a way to keep him out of the yard, is it possible to add onto the top of the fence to dissuade any more invasions? Short of having the neighbors tie him in their yard when he is outside, or have a dog run with a cover put up for him there isn't a whole lot I can suggest, aggression can be dangerous for all parties if not handled correctly. If it were me I would suggest the dog run with the lid to the neighbors or inform them that animal control will be contacted when Koda is not in his own yard.

Also why is he being studded out if he is just a mixed breed? It seems (IMO) irresponsible to breed a non-pedigree dog and house him in a house with other unaltered males. Don't get me wrong, I love mixed breeds, I just think if you want a mixed dog the local shelters/rescues are a better place to go then a backyard breeder.


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Sorry. But I see NO reason your family should do anything! This is the neighbor's dog & the neighbor's problem. I would firmly tell them "I am done with your dog coming into my yard. If I see him there again I will call animal control & have them come pick him up." And then do it...every single time.
I realize you want to keep peace in the neighborhood, but that is your yard..to be enjoyed by you.

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I've got to agree with Squ'mey. If that happened here, there'd be a bloody battle between Lobo and the other dog. ):

I would, personally, tell the owner to perhaps make the fence taller. Me being me, I would offer to help, but of course I understand if you don't want. XD If they don't keep their dog in their yard, I feel as though you have every right to call SPCA and have the dog removed.

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Have you talked to your neighbors about increasing the height of the fence? I would at least do that. I wouldn't spray their dog with a hose, even if you started out being far away from the dog, it could come at the hose instead of running away. I do think that if talking to your neighbors doesn't work and Koda continues to be in your yard, you should start calling animal control every time.

When you talk to the neighbors, I would say something like "I know Koda is really good with you, but he's been showing aggression towards guests at our house so it's really important for every bodies safety that he doesn't turn up in our yard again. If he were to bite somebody, he could easily be put to sleep (depending on the laws in your town)"
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I have that problem here, compounded by the fact that we have a boarding kennel so people are constantly in and out with dogs.
This is a GSD and is owned by elderly, ill people so I have to be a bit nice. I now collect the dog and put her in a crate, outside if the weather is okay, inside if not.
I have tried to ignore, like this morning when the kennel is closed and she showed up, BUT...IF I ever saw her out there, ignored it and she was hit and killed in the road I would be devastated! This morning I leashed her up and brought her into my house until I went to the kennel, then put her there.
We can't even call them because they are so deaf they don't hear the phone.
I have also started on insisting they leave the dog for some daycare and exercise when she shows up here... they are old and tired and should not own a 2 yo GSD!!!!!
Today she is staying until tomorrow afternoon so they must be really frustrated with her. She has been out the last FOUR days at least once a day and they have a GOOD fenced yard so the only way she gets out is when the husband leaves a gate open. (he has Alzheimer's so that happens OFTEN!)
I do feel bad for her... this is a CRAZY road we live on and she is gonna get killed IF I don't make this a happy place for her to come to! Right now she LOVES it here and heads right for our daycare pen the minute she shows up...if we don't see her she knocks at the front door!

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We've increased the height of the fence multiple times but where there's a will...
We also have dug logs into the bottom so he shouldn't be able to dig under

Mom and Dad don't want to call animal control but I think they should. I really believe that Koda will get picked up once and they'll realize how serious it is!

He's such a big dog I worry that it will be my young nephews who get attacked. I'm even having nightmares over it!

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That by all means deserves calls to animal control if the dog is aggressive. If its owners can't keep the animal from posing a danger to other people/dogs, they need to rehome it. If it were my house, we would have called AC at the first sign of aggressive behavior.

Your parents need to understand that their own young family members could end up dead if that dog goes too far with its behavior. That dog's life is not worth one or both of your nephews' lives. And if your parents won't do much of anything to make it stop now, stand up for your nephews and call AC yourself if it's as bad as you say it is. Let's just hope animal control in your area isn't as bad as it was in mine.

When I was an infant, my parents were in a much more dangerous situation with a pack of roaming males and AC basically told my dad they weren't coming. I just hope the dogs didn't end up killing someone after they left our property thanks to animal control being run stupidly.