Question re: dog bite

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Barked: Tue Jan 15, '13 2:59pm PST 
Last week Indie, Quin and I were at the park after I had to work a day shift. The boys were playing nicely with a Golden and a Poodle mix when 2 other dogs joined the group. Supposedly the owner warned the 2 other dog owners that her younger yellow lab like dog was a little iffy...I was not warned at any point.

Indie went up to the large fat black lab and sniffed fine...he then went over to the yellow to sniff and I watched as the yellow dog just spun around and grabbed his neck...throwing Indie to the ground...all I could hear was him screaming!
I moved closer and yelled "gett off" and the dog stopped and then the BIG black lab joined in...thankfully the owner FINALLY got her dogs off of Indie and I was able to call Indie over.
I did a once over with my hands and didnt find anything but noticed him not wanting me to touch his right ear...I calmed him down and re introduced them with Indie's back end first and then lady then left.

it wasn't until I noticed his head tilt to the right and shaking his ear that I was able to scruff him and noticed blood...the other dog owners said they would vouch for me that the ladies 2 dogs attacked mine and I left the park.

I noticed a bite wound on his ear...a hole straight through the base of his ear out the back of his lower ear...the vet clipped it and he got a convenia injection for antibiotics...
He has healed really well so i am very thankful for that

I have been trying to find the dog owner, but have yet to do so...anyone have any pointers? I have informed 2 dog owners plus the 2 that were at the park when it happened...I was debating posting a note in the park saying if you are the owner of 2 lab like breeds who were part of an incidnet on Wednesday January 9th can you please email me...

Woudl that be rude?


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Barked: Tue Jan 15, '13 3:04pm PST 
wave Indie smile Just wondering, why do you want to get in touch with them? So sorry this happened to poor Indiehughughug Bunny has been "gone after " by 2 different dogs but thankfully never hurt. He has been scared though, so I can imagine how you and Indie felthughug
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Barked: Tue Jan 15, '13 4:18pm PST 
I wanted to see if she woudl cover the bill at all...thankfully I used to work at the clinic I brought him to so it was only $150, but I would liek some compensation...

I fostered a female large Sheltie who had a rough past and ended up bolting out the front door and attacking a lab and german shepherd who were out for a walk a block away...the owners originally thought their lab was fine, but then came back with a $300 emergency vet bill for a wound which the rescue group covered...

I just think it is common courtesy for someone who owns the dog to pay the bill...opinions?


Barked: Tue Jan 15, '13 4:33pm PST 
I'm wondering if posting the note may result in the owner of the labs avoiding that area?
From the sounds of things, they don't seem overly caring of an owner, or person in general. So they may just try to avoid blame altogether and keep away from the area.

Maybe just keep with word of mouth for now, with the details relatively low for the off chance that someone knows them?

Remember to take pictures as well to further prove the damage that was done.

Hopefully you are able to get into contact with them hughug
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Barked: Tue Jan 15, '13 4:41pm PST 
I was able to get pictures of it 2 days afterwards, I didn't get any when we were cleaning him up because it took me, the vet tech and the vet assistant to hold him down while the vet cleaned him up and examined the hole and pocket.

He only just let me start getting close to his ear these past couple days

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Barked: Wed Jan 16, '13 4:18am PST 
"I calmed him down and re introduced them with Indie's back end first and then lady then left. "

Correct me if I'm wrong..
but after your dog was attacked, you held Indie and made the aggressors sniff him?
Were you not afraid that they would jump him again ?

I wouldn't have let them leave without collecting info, but thats already done. I also wouldn't post a note in the park because then they'll just avoid you at all costs. If they were responsible they would have gotten their pets training, not paying random vet bills.

Just keep an eye out and make sure to have the bill & a log of details ready just in case you happen upon them.

Barked: Wed Jan 16, '13 12:06pm PST 
If you're wanting compensation taking them to court would be really tough.

You don't have any proof their dog is the one that did the damage. I could definitely see the woman making the argument that you brought the dogs back together after the tiff so obviously nothing could have been wrong (because it's something an owner of a dog injured in a dog fight wouldn't do), and you let the woman leave without getting any information (again something an owner of an injured dog wouldn't do).

For all any one knows another dog hurt your dog in the park after the woman left, or after you left the park.

Not saying it's fair, but the details about your reaction could definitely muddle things up. I too wouldn't put up notice at the park. If you do happen to run into her there again I'd approach her in a friendly manner. Hopefully she has an ounce of sympathy in her heart and will do the right thing.
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Barked: Wed Jan 16, '13 1:29pm PST 
It's my experience that the people who are willing to help compensate in those incidents usually say so the moment it happens. The people who usually leave quickly tend to only pay when threatened by legalities.

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Barked: Wed Jan 16, '13 3:16pm PST 
I know it's frustrating and scary, but you're probably going to have to let it go...I've had the experience from both sides, when Sophie's been jumped I just want the people and their dog to get the #%&* away from us and when she's been the aggressor I'll inquire to make sure the other dog is okay, but once again you just want to get away from any more conflict. Those people probably will deny everything even if you see them again.

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Barked: Sun Jan 20, '13 9:36am PST 
Sorry took so long to respond . I totally get wanting them to pay the vet biill, but I am afraid that Sanka is right. If they were the type tobtake responsibility, they would have done so on the spot. One of the dogs taht went after Bunny, the person i n charge came right over to see if he wasOK. I am sure if he hadnt bern they would have offerrd tobpay the bill. Sorry for mistakes,still getting usded go my smart phone: