Does not play well with others

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My 9 month old GSD is possesed with getting his little sister Clara. She is a 13 yo Papilon. He always lookes for her and when she passes his "Condo" all hell breaks loose. This has been going on since day one and he has not had full run of the house for about 7 months. I built the condo for him so he would not be crated all the time. He is crated at night and when we leave him alone when we go into town . I waant to train him as a service dog for me because I am disabled and need help with a few simple things around the house but I am starting to think he may not have the right stuff for it. Any ideas on how to get him to play nice? He is a purebred and just a georgeous young man. He is super smart and can be very sweet and playfull when he is alone with me. But when mom gets home from work he turns into Senior Psycopath and the hunting for Clara kicks into Hyper Drive big time. I am starting to think he may have to o to a diferant home. It isn't fair to him to be condoed up most of the time at a very impresionable age.I am starting to think a Shepherd was not a good choice for a service dog. Maybe a golden retriever or black lab may have been a better choice. Open to sugestions.

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Do you mean to say that he goes attacking Clara more when you are around? Or does your presence just aggravate the attack? If the former is correct, then what do you think is different aside from the fact that you are around than when you are not?
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My first suggestion is to get a behaviorist to aid you! www.apdt.com or www.iaabc.org will lead you in the right direction for your area.

Is he friendly outside of his condo or does he dislike the Pom all the time?

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Patrick looks for Clara all the time. In or out of the condo. If mom is home or not and visa versa. I am not sure if he thinks she is prey, just wants to play or is trying to establish Alpha dog. She is the Alpha dog of the house, believe it or not.Being as young as he is he might be trying to find his place in the order or he thinks he is in charge, not sure. I hear Shepherds can be egomaniacs at times. I am firm with him on commands and he does listen when the tone is right. But not when it comes to Clara. But take him on a car ride he is just fine, even if Clara is in the car out of site but not out of nose.
And as far as takeing him to a behaviorist, I can't afford a psycoligist for myself much less my dog.
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Unfortunately, what you need is a knowledgeable, experienced person who can see what's going on between your two digs and assess it objectively. This is not about "a psychologist for your dog." It's about being sure your dogs are safe together, or at least will be once the pup has matured, and whether it not your pup is going to mature into a dog whom you can train as a service dog. You obviously don't want to invest all that time and effort in a dog who cannot do what you need; it would be even worse in some ways to give up on a dog who really is a good prospect, and start over.

There's nothing about the shepherd breed that makes them poor prospects inherently, and nothing that guarantees that a Golden would be better just because he's a Golden. There's a good chance you're dealing with adolescent attitude and energy in a dog that isn't getting quite enough exercise, but someone with experience needs to be able to see what's really happening.
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For a pet dog, I think you'd need a behaviorist.

But if this dog is yours for the purpose of being a service dog, then I would think he'd need to be rehomed.

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A behaviorist is NOT a "psychologist for dogs." They will come & assess the whole situation. How you and the dog interact, objectively look at body language, identify triggers, etc. Then they will form an action plan tailored to your situation.
How much exercise does he get? How much socializing? How is he with other dogs? Someone mentioned adolescence. This can be a very trying time & can last for a long time.
What do you know about his breeding?
Have you trained a service dog before? Or a gsd?
This really does call for a behaviorist. We can't see his body language so we can not give you any definitive answers here. Ask your vet for some recommendations & check their credentials.