pinched nerve need advice

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I have pinched nerve and on med tht were working and now not and mom tried to lock me up but all I do is cry and paw gate and won't lay down and try get out and I cry often and seem uncormtable boredom has also gotten to me and mom doesn't know what to do she going call vets Monday I did have xrays and my bones look great and I won't let mom or dad help me down the stairs I freak out to much. Anybody got advice I am a bit over weight but can't loose it till nerve doesn't hurt and would help if I lost weight but can't till I get better.
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Barked: Sun Jan 6, '13 1:23pm PST 
Willow: Do you know if your med is just for pain or is it an anti-inflammatory? Chloe had a pinched nerve in her neck and the pain meds didn't seem to do anything to help but the anti-inflammatory helped a lot and kept her comfortable. (She made a full recovery after several weeks). Also, each animal reacts differently to meds so if one doesn't work another might. Let us know what your vet says and how you are doing next week. Our thoughts are with you! POTP hug

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Chico had a pinched nerve in his back and would not even move without crying, took him in to the emergency vet and he prescribed him Rymadil. I just gave him around 3 doses and he was fine.

You should ask your vet about Rymadil or some anti inflammatory medication.