Spaying a 5 year old Shih Tzu female?

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Hello smile

I've been browsing the internet for answers for the past hour without finding a definite one, so I thought I'd try my luck here.

I have a 5 year old Shih Tzu female. We wanted to have babies with her so we didn't get her spayed, but have now decided against having babies.

I read that the health risk of cancer isn't reduced when spaying her at 5 years old, but the risk of a uterus infection is removed or at least reduced.

The question is ....is it still safe to have her spayed at this age? She's about 5 years and 6-7 months old right now. Or is there an elevated surgery risk?

Thank you very much for any advice and have a happy new year!

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As long as she is healthy five years old is definitely not too old to have her spayed. The rescue I am with routinely spays dogs that age and older, with no issues. Good luck and thank you for deciding not to breed her!

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5 is still relatively young for a small dog. Absolutely get her spayed, it will prolong her life.

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I spay ALL my breeding girls as soon as their breeding/showing career is over, usually around 6 or 7. I've never had any issues with any of them. Have her teeth checked prior to the spay since it is also a great time to have a dental done if she needs one. Several of my rescue toy poodles have needed dentals and we did both during the spay surgery.
Not only will you only need to put them under once, it will also cost considerably less if they are both done at the same time.

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I would certainly get her spayed. I just about lost my GSD when she was four due to pyometra (infection). I did not have her spayed earlier as I was still competing and showing her. My recent rescue dog was near seven yrs when I had her spayed and certainly had no problems. As long as she is healthy there should not be any problems with surgery and you would not have to worry about her having health problems later in her life.

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Is she healthy otherwise? We recently got a Sheltie fixed who is I think also 5 years old (she had already had 4 litters). The surgery went fine, and she recovered well. She had no health problems other than being slightly overweight.

If you want to be sure, talk to the vet first. I just got my male 7 year old male Sheltie neutered on December 21st, and since he is my baby I was worried about surgery at his age (I think I even made a post here somewhere asking questions, like you have!). I talked to the vet about it and asked a bunch of questions, and was reassured. I paid for the best care for him, including IV fluids and all that because I really wanted to make sure everything went very well for him. (and everything did and he hasn't even noticed anything has happened to him)

The spay surgery is of course a completely different surgery, much more complicated, but your vet should still be able to answer any questions and address and concerns you will have. Like I said though, I don't think she will have a problem at all unless she has any previous health problems.

Good luck!