How Cold is Too Cold to Walk?

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Barked: Fri Dec 28, '12 3:41pm PST 
Just reassure me here. We live in Central NJ so it isn't artic out there, but still mighty breezy. When it's 25 or 30 outside can I still walk Callie comfortably for him? He's got monster zoomies and is young so he really needs to get out more than Sophie. I have sweaters and coats that fit them both, can layer stuff too. It's just that his fur is soooo short. It's even shorter than a human buzz cut-he has more of a peach fuzz than actual fur. I suppose exercse itself is warming, I just don't want him shivery and I don't know it. Suggestions?
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Barked: Fri Dec 28, '12 4:16pm PST 
I think it would depend on what the dog is used to. If you think you need to put a coat on him, then I would do that. Just watch that he doesn't over heat.

Barked: Fri Dec 28, '12 4:47pm PST 
Biggest thing I notice is their feet. I have husky mixes and even when they go out for 10 minutes to pee in the yard, they get frozen feet.
I would get him boots if you plan on taking him for longer walks in the cold and it protects their feet too from salts etc.
It takes a while for them to get used to them, but usually if you throw them on right before you walk then they should walk on shortly after and start getting used to it.
I actually use boots when I run my dogs in the summer so they don't scrape off their paw pads


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Barked: Fri Dec 28, '12 5:58pm PST 
You have to watch the dog to see whether they're comfortable. Hazel, for example, will happily go on 30 minute walks in the 30s or even 20s, without any sign of discomfort. But if it's windy, her ears are back and she doesn't sniff as much - she's more on a mission to do her business and get home. If we get into a cold snap in the teens, then I limit her walks to 10-15 minutes at a time. She doesn't wear booties - she would HATE them - but her feet never look irritated, and she chooses to walk on sidewalks when possible (even though I would think the grass would feel less cold). In sum, pay attention to the dog's signs and modify the walks or dress them accordingly.

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Barked: Fri Dec 28, '12 6:35pm PST 
It's a know your dog thing. Wiley will happily go for a walk, no coat, no boots, in -40C.

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Barked: Fri Dec 28, '12 6:41pm PST 
Depends heavily on breed. If the dog is trying to keep its paws off the ground, go back inside.
Also, you can try cow udder grease instead of dog booties, it protects against the salt and makes the paw pads PUPPY SMOOTH. The dog sledders up here use it.

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Barked: Fri Dec 28, '12 7:04pm PST 
For me or the dog? Anything below 70* I call cold, anything below 40* I utterly despise and hate going out in....but Twist loves the cold. I practically froze my hands and feet the other day taking him for a hike, but he loved it and I'm pretty sure he was disappointed when it was time to leave. I think the others pretty much covered it for dogs.smile

Barked: Fri Dec 28, '12 8:38pm PST 
I've taken Natcho out in -30c and I was the one freezing while she ran around like a crazy dog.

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Barked: Fri Dec 28, '12 8:41pm PST 
Thanks everybody, I'll take him out and keep a watch for shivering etcetc. I can't judge it by my temperature...danged hot flashes, I got out in a tshirt and hoodie and halfway home have my jacket around my waist...for you females not of a "certain age", in the midst of a flash you could put reflectors on your shoulders and heat the house WOOF. If Sophie is cold she drops her head and pulls me home, just want to make sure Callie isn't freezing while I feel balmy.
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Barked: Mon Dec 31, '12 5:31am PST 
Just wanted to add that I agree that it is the breed or the dog. I have three beagles, two with thinner "coats" than one. Seems Trudy has a thicker undercoat and can tolerate the cold better.

My dogs love their walks and want them as much as possible, but I also noticed two of them tend to get pretty darn cold so I do have sweaters for them. I can tell, again, my dogs....I can tell they appreciate the warmth.

Anything below 20 degrees and they are all pretty cold so I limit their walks to 10-15 minutes too. 30-40 degrees, and we can usually squeeze in a 20-25 min walk with their coats on.
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