What amount of kcals per cup is your super active dog on?

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I have 2 salukis that are so active they run their weight off so I bought them a new dry food and will see how it works fro them

What do you feed and what Kcals per cup does it have and what kind of activity level does your dog have?

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I feed raw, only supplement with kibble. The Fromm's formula I use is 395kcal/cup.

My dogs on a scale of 1-10 as far as activity level are at about a 9 this time of year with bird season in full swing.

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Mo's on Solid Gold's Barking at the Moon and he burns calories like water. It's 465kcal/cup and his portion ranges depending on what training we've done that day but 5-8 cups a day. Most days it's around 5 - 6 but he lost some weight when I started running him again so he's back up to the weight-gain portions.

Zephyr is on TOTW Pacific Stream at 360kcal/cup. She gains weight by looking at food.


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I have my salukis on the Nutro Natural choice food. They have a large fenced in back yard that they can run in 24 hours a day. So mine are very active like yours. I did not keep the last bag i bought, but I know it was listed on the side of the bag.
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Thor has a pretty active life as he is a BC mix and a Service Dog.

He is on nutrisource grain-ree which is 506 Kcals per cup. It is one of the only foods that will keep weight on him.
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When I was looking for a nutrient dense food I went with Grandma Lucy's Pureformance freeze dried for a while, it was 604 kcals per cup. However my dog had allergies so I was limited in what I could use. It is pretty expensive though, like Honest Kitchen...

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I have an 18 month old setter who spends hours every day running in my large fenced yard with other dogs playing or chasing deer/turkeys/feral cats. She weighs about 50 lb and eats 3 cups/day of whatever Champion food I have on hand...mostly Acana chicken. Digestibility is as important, if not more so, than kcal/cup. Her 65lb father runs with her most of the time and he also only gets 3 cups/day. My relatively lazy 42 lb girl is plump on 1 cup/day.

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Zack isn't as active as he used to be, but he stays pretty thin so we've kept up with the higher-calorie food. From the brands I've looked at, it seems like the ones with duck or other game birds as a major protein source tend to have more calories than a lot of the other flavors. Blue Wilderness Duck has ~415 kcals/cup, 34% protein and 15% fat; TOTW Wetlands is only about 375 kcals/cup, but has 32% protein and 18% fat.

Cody will tell you that he is too short for his weight laugh out loud, he eats low calorie food (and about half the volume of what Zack gets) and still looks like a hippo. And he loves to walk more than any of the other dogs.

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Alanna and Gabriella are both eating Hill's Prescription Diet I/D Low Fat GI dry food. It is 331 kcal/cup.