Problem with homemade sweet potato treat

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Sita CGC- SD(mostly- retired)

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Barked: Sun Nov 18, '12 12:27pm PST 
I have purchased dehydrated sweet potato treats for my dogs in the past & they loved them. So I decided to make some at home. I cut up a sweet potato (only one large one would fit in my dehydrator) & dehydrated it for about a day & a half (the larger pieces took forever to dry). On Friday I gave both girls a few small pieces after breakfast & them we left for the day. About an hour or so after they had the treat, Sita threw up in the car. All her breakfast came up. Tia also had some diarrhea. I gave them some treats again yesterday & about half an hour to an hour after they ate them, Sita threw up again. I'm not sure if Tia still has diarrhea because I've been sick & I've just been letting them out back. Has anyone else had problems with sweet potato? We didn't have an issue with the store bought treats. Should I have cooked the sweet potatoes some before I stuck them in the dehydrator?

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Barked: Sun Nov 18, '12 5:43pm PST 
Odd. Was the size, thickness, color and texture of your treats similar to the store bought ones?

If the dogs swallowed them in too large a chunk then it could upset the tummy but that isn't what happened with my dogs. The dogs would be fine for a few days then vomit super disgusting stuff, including the indigestible bit.

Possibly the long drying time allowed bacteria to grow on them? Usually this won't bother dogs much though.

I would try parboiling uniformly cut slices and drying faster. Drop prepared slices in boiling water and after water comes to a boil fish them back out and put on the dehydrator tray. I usually put stuff to dry at night and shift the bits around the next morning so they are mostly done at about the same time.

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Barked: Sun Nov 18, '12 5:51pm PST 
I do mine in the oven...low heat for hours, and I start with raw slices. I wonder if it was just a bad sweet potato? shrug

Sita CGC- SD(mostly- retired)

When we seeing- the ponies?!
Barked: Sun Nov 18, '12 5:53pm PST 
The store bought ones were kinda like french fry type cuts. I sliced down the whole potato, but they shrunk up. Not too terribly thick, but thick enough they're crunchy & don't break apart easily (like chips). Both dogs are usually pretty good at chewing things up completely. I shifted the trays a couple of times during the night & the next day. I'm kinda scared to try another batch BOL. I might just stick with meat & make them a batch of chicken jerky. I've been doing liver treats, cooking them in the oven for a few hours on low heat then in the dehydrator overnight. I've also been thinking of doing some pig skin

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Barked: Sun Nov 18, '12 8:53pm PST 
We love to eat cooked sweet potato and never have any problems. Maybe you should cook them first?

The Muddy- Princess
Barked: Tue Nov 20, '12 12:25pm PST 
I was dehydrating cut and whole baby carrots and giving them to my boy and he started throwing them up. I looked at them and realized they had rehydrated in his stomach and were too big so he threw them up. Smaller sizes to start with is better.

Super Service- Schnoodle
Barked: Sat Nov 24, '12 8:42pm PST 
I don't know that it makes a difference, but I've always blanched my sweet potatoes prior to dehydrating. It makes them more digestible in my opinion.

Barked: Sun Nov 25, '12 4:34pm PST 
I did hear that sweet potato can also give dogs bad gas. Just something to think about before feeding alot of it.
Dr. Watson

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Barked: Fri Nov 30, '12 11:10am PST 
Maybe try dehydrating pumpkin instead?