Psychogenic polydipsia and polyuria

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Barked: Wed Oct 24, '12 7:52pm PST 
My elderly dog is about to drive me insane. She was drinking so much and peeing so much, inside and outside. Add to that a bit of canine cognitive dysfunction and I haven't rested through one night in a while. She is not necessarily incontinent, although she has gone in her sleep a few times, she just has to pee ALL the time in large amounts because she is drinking so much water. She goes out at regular times, but sometimes she still has to go and either the person home isn't clueing in on her request or she doesn't know to ask them (we used to live alone together & when I'm not home, I'm not sure she knows to ask others). And sometimes she just forgets and squats right in front of us & pees in the house. So, I got her a diaper garment with pads to wear for the 'accidents'. She has been to the vet & had her urine & labs checked for medical problems and that is when the vet talked about the psychogenic polydipsia and I agree with that.
She has been keeping me up at night, partly due to the urinating issue & partly the CCD, so I began picking up her water at about 9-10pm and have a last potty at midnight. Things got much better...until she developed a UTI and the vet said I need to allow her to have access to water at all times. So I did that and life has been miserable. Her 'didy' came loose & she peed a HUGE amount of urine on the rug.
I don't know if I should risk another UTI & start picking up her water at night again. You see, I have a medical condition in which it is VITAL I get sleep. I can end up in the hospital if I go a few days without decent sleep. Stress isn't helping. When she is up at night it is every hour or two and she pulls at my bedding, pillows, knocks stuff off of tables, basically panics, even after I take her potty, she is stressed & wants me up - but this got better when I picked up the water at night. She is 14 yrs old and I have to start considering what is too much. Is it acceptable for a dog to wear a diaper all the time in this situation? I've always taken her potty outside as usual, removing & replacing the diabper. Sometimes she snaps when you put it back on & are the other people in the home willing to do it when I'm at work. Do I need to come home to let my dog potty so it is every 2hrs all the time?

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When is the last time your dog had a complete blood work up? The symptoms your are describing sound a lot like chronic renal failure. I would take a closer look at the cause of the excessive drinking and peeing as that is not normal, even for an older dog.
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I've never heard of this condition so I can't remark on it. However have you tried that inside patch of grass? It's for pups to use inside the house. I don't know how much it holds but you can check it out. I know some dogs can be taught to use a litter box. I know a pup who in emergency situations use one. Their mom got a refrigerator pan and put litter in it and it would sit outside on the patio. They lived in an apartment.

Diapers are an option but will have to be changed frequently. Have you also tried supplements? Ask the vet for suggestions that can help with the uti.

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So sorry your pup is dealing with so much discomfort, you as well.
Have to ask if your Vet did more than just a regular chem panel (blood work) and has she been tested for cushings? Regular blood work will not show the entire picture if it comes to cushings or endocrine problems.
Yes, this can be cognitive problems but until all blood work has been addressed I would not contribute all her problems to it.
I do hope you can find out what is going on soon. Poor her and you.frown
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The vet checked for renal failure, that was the first thing they were concerned about. She has Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (doggie demenia, doggie Alzheimer's) and polydipsia along with innappropriate urination can be seen with that, not the most common. This problem began when we moved from one residence to another. Any change makes her symptoms worse or even cause new ones to present themselves. The anxiety, purposeless activity at night, sleeping more during the day, spacing out, getting lost in the house. She's on meds to help with some of that, and a special food that puts the supplements I used to give her right in it.
I make sure she is clean. For hygiene and dignity's sake. Luckily she has a short coat. I was wondering about cranberry juice or dried cranberries. To help promote bladder health and ward off more UTIs. I'm going to ask my vet about that.
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So, forgive me as I know it's been asked, but everything has been ruled out? Before you diagnose psychogenic polydipsia, all rule outs have to happen. I was diagnosed with psychogenic polydipsia, but that was after every possible thing was ruled out (liver, kidneys, diabetes and diabetes inspidius, cushings disease, and I'm sure a few more wink ).

I had test after test after test. My problem is my obsession with water. I did have chronic UTIs which is one of the reasons, the doctors decided to push foward with a lot of tests. I was put on a special dog food diet and it worked for me. No more UTIs. There are supplements you can take, but there aren't any guarantees. Thankfully the food worked for me after I had 3 or 4 UTIS in a row...

Mom does pick up my bowl of water...otherwise, I will drink WAY too much. I have 2 other dog siblings and mom can't leave water in the bowl so each of us has a way of communicating we need water, but again, mom won't let drink too much otherwise, I will go a lot.

You just have to really make sure EVERYTHING has been ruled out as that's the only real way to diagnose psychogenic polydisia. Mom will give me ice cubes and that has helped tremendously.

Hope this helps and if everything has been ruled out, you can talk to your vet about restricting your water. way to go

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Once everything has been medically ruled out, think about pee pads or even a very large crate that has room for a bed and a pee area. We have an older girl who has forgotten her house training. She sleeps in a large crate, pees in the pee area and it is cleaned out in the morning.