Epileptic Dog Tags?

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Shiver Me- Timbers- "Charlie"

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Barked: Wed Oct 24, '12 3:33am PST 
So... Due to Charlie's seizures becoming more frequent over the past few years, I've been thinking about possibly getting some form of identification that states that he is epileptic, should he ever go missing - thoughts on this? I have a microchip tag, rabies tag, license tag, and his name with my phone number... But would it be worth it to add a tag stating that he is epileptic and whether or not he is on medications, etc?

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Barked: Wed Oct 24, '12 4:16pm PST 
What you could do is have a regular name tag made with name, phone #'s etc, and have Epileptic: Needs medication printed on the back of the tag.

Also, you could have Epilepsy noted on his microchip information.
Shiver Me- Timbers- "Charlie"

My Little Dog, a- heartbeat at my- feet.<3
Barked: Wed Oct 24, '12 4:23pm PST 
Thanks Dahlia!

He already has a name tag with name and phone number(laser engraved), so I'm not sure I can add another thing to it, as there doesn't appear to be much space, so I may have to add a separate tag... his is a one sided tag. I'll definitely update his microchip information though and see if I can add that information to his license with the city as well.

My main concern is that people don't feed him(treats included), as certain foods with BHA, BHT, and other preservatives can cause him to go into a seizure. I recall one lady trying to feed my dogs treats over the fence one time... and it was just a recipe for disaster, with an epileptic dog and a food aggressive one in the yard together. silenced

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You could get a two sided tag made, that can have both medical info and also your contact info on it. You can get them from Boomerang Tags. That's what I did for my dog when he lost his hearing, and also for my cat who has medical problems.
For my dog I had it say on one side only that he was deaf, because if you put less info the letters are bigger so I put less on the front spit would be easier to read. The other side also said Deaf dog but also had my phone number and address...

My cat's tag says on one side:

Medic alert
Needs Meds
Do not feed/Special diet

The other side says:

Needs Meds
Lost if alone
My phone no.
Cell no.