Need Some Brands That Make Durable Toys

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Barked: Sun Oct 21, '12 1:16pm PST 
Now that we have Callie, he and Sophie love playing tug of war every morning. I need some brands that will hold up to two uber strong doggies. I'm thinking maybe a squeaky stuffed bulletproof vest. I ordered the Kong Ballistic ring to see how long it lasts. Any other suggestions?
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Barked: Mon Oct 22, '12 1:37pm PST 
Goughnuts, regular kongs, nylabone tough chewers, Toughies. Hope it helps a little smile
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Barked: Mon Oct 22, '12 2:23pm PST 
Some of these are tough: http://www.helpingudders.com/udder_tugs.aspx

Also Tuffy's, Chewbar, Katies Bumpers Sqwuggies, West Paw Design

Some of those are not meant for a dog to chew on when unsupervised though.

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Barked: Mon Oct 22, '12 4:00pm PST 
For tug, perhaps the Ruff Wear Lunker dog toy. Of course, I would put it away when not playing tug.

Also: Planet Dog: Orbee-Tuff® Glow for Good Ball 2.5"
5 out of 5 Chompers
Orbee-Tuff® Diamond Plate Ball 5/5
Orbee-Tuff® Orbee Ball
5 out of 5 Chompers -- very cute, too!
Orbee-Tuff® RecycleBALL® 5/5
Orbee-Tuff Snowball, Baseball, and Tennis Ball 5/5
Orbee-Tuff Fetch Ball with Rope and Woof Ball 5/5

note they also have several rated 4/5

West Paw makes guaranteed dog tough dog toys -- you can return them for a refund, but only once. They float.
Hurley -- combined ball, bone, stick
Tux -- has 3 ball shaped pulls, can stuff treat in middle
Bumi -- S-shaped tug and fetch toy, stretchy
Tizi -- can't describe, looks like a 2-legged headless man, treat toy
Zisc -- disc
Jive -- bouncing dog ball
All can go in the dishwasher and come in 3 cool colours. I have the Bumi, the Tux, and the Zisc.

The Jolly Ball Puncture Resistant Toys:
Tug N Toss: big ball with handle, floats
Romp N Roll: big ball with rope
Jolly Critters: squeak and float
Jolly Football: collapses when bitten then bounces right back
Jolly Bounce N Play

Also JollyPets has a line of zoo balls and toys able to withstand bears, lions, and tigers!

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