Finding Rudy

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Barked: Thu Oct 18, '12 12:20am PST 
Just wanted to post this.

In December 2011, I had to move on short notice and was unable to take my beagle, Rudy with me. She was taken to a new animal shelter that opened a few blocks away. My family requested to board her for a few days until we could find a family friend to care for her, we offered to pay for her expenses and the manager agreed to care for her.

We were given paperwork asking for information on my dog's habits, behavior, etc... I went by the shelter numerous times, to drop off food, make other donations and visit my dog. After explaining my situation to my new landlord, he added Rudy as a second pet, in addition to Bentley who we already had. Called the shelter on a Wednesday and informed the manager who said my dog would be there until I came to pick her up on friday. I then learned he lied and adopted her out the very next day! I was very upset.

Went by the shelter and found out Rudy was truly gone. I was so angry and yelled so loud anyone across the street probably heard me. I've tried to get a copy of the paperwork that was filled out but all requests have been denied repeatedly and haven't been able to find out who has her either. Because there was no signed contract or verbal agreement authorizing for my dog to be put up for adoption, I consider her being adopted out completely unauthorized.

Since then, I've been posting ads online, printing flyers and have told different people about my case. I miss Rudy with all my heart an I'm determined to find her and bring her home where she belongs.

I have her papers(she's a purebred dog) and medical records, photos and even her I.D. tag.

I have a follow up appointment coming up with a lawyer who happens to be an animal lover and specializes in cases involving dogs.

It's been very nerve wracking, especially since almost 2 weeks ago was the 6 year anniversary of when I brought Rudy home.

I've had her since she was a puppy and she means a lot to me.cry
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Barked: Thu Oct 18, '12 4:09am PST 
I'm sorry this happened to you. I would pursue the lawyer thing. Good Luck! hughug

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Barked: Thu Oct 18, '12 5:18am PST 
Thank you, I am.

This shelter isn't what it seems.

As soon as a dog gets adopted all of a sudden a new one shows up out of the blue. Almost overnight.

Twice the manager wanted me to remove the photos and ads I posted stating I was looking for Rudy. Claiming that whoever adopted her would see it and get upset.

I think he may have lied to whoever adopted Rudy and anybody that took care of while she was at the shelter because one person I spoke to who worked there was surprised when I told her Rudy was my dog.

I pretty much ignored the request to remove my photos and ads and have 'painted the town red' with flyers, leaving them at vets' offices, pet stores and small businesses.

I had two people contact me but sadly neither one of those dogs was Rudy.


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Barked: Thu Oct 18, '12 5:31am PST 
I'm so sorry that this happened to you and hope that you are able to find Rudy! Were you given copies of the papers you signed? Keep up with the legal route but be aware depending on what you signed and wether or not you read it before signing it you may be out of luck. I feel very sorry for you having to go through this but in all honesty a shelter is not a boarding facility,they are there to take in and rehome unwanted animals and if you were not given copies of the papers you signed,you may have signed away your rights to Rudy,no matter what the verbal agreement was. Good Luck and please keep us posted.wishesflowers

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Barked: Thu Oct 18, '12 8:54am PST 
Thanks you brought up a valid point.

I never got a copy of the paperwork and I've asked for it but every single time my request was denied.

I spoke with a person from a different rescue group and she and the lawyer I spoke to both agreed that getting a copy of that paperwork shouldn't be so hard.

The only reason why I think my requests have been denied is because a signature has been forged.

Plus one of the times I requested the paperwork the manager there thought it was harassment!

I understand shelters aren't for boarding but this place made an exception,I even paid for my dog's expenses such as food. Plus, another dog was boarded there until her foster was able to find someone to adopt the dog and she paid boarding fees for that dog!

The woman I spoke to from a rescue group said she's kept dogs for up to 6 months until they came back and got them. All she asked was that the owners pay for their dog's expenses.

But she agreed that there was something strange about this shelter, she was shoked when I told her they were in default for non-profit status.

The Humane Society and PETA have done undercover investigations on shelters like the one I'm dealing with and shut them down because they didn't comply with the requirements and standards to stay open. They found the same thing at one place in Toronto Canada.

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Barked: Thu Oct 18, '12 12:28pm PST 
Which one of the 6 LA city shelters was this? I've been to 2 LA city shelters and 1 LA county shelter to pick up fosters so far and NONE of them would accept 'boarding' from a private individual unless the animal is impounded for legal reasons and the owner is waiting for release.. Affiliated fosters and rescues are another story.

Of the three I've been to, Harbor, North Central, and Carson.. I would never leave a dog there voluntarily. All of the 6 LA city shelters are high-volume kill shelters which are overcrowded as it is..... it is not surprising that another dog immediately replaced the vacancy left by the adoption of your dog.

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Barked: Thu Oct 18, '12 1:11pm PST 
It wasn't in LA.

I made a mistake in setting up the city and state in my profile.

I'm actually in Vegas.

The shelter where my dog was is no-kill.

Also, once a dog has been reclaimed by their owner they are given a 48 to 72 hour grace period to pick up the dog and that same dog can't be adopted out or euthanized.

I'm not the first person this has happened to.

One family I heard of lost their dog during a vacation, they found out he had been picked up by animal control.

They paid the shelter to cover the dog's expenses and said they would come back to pick him up.

Well, they went to get him and he was gone!

Ended up going go small claims court, got $500 and they got their dog back.
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Barked: Thu Oct 18, '12 3:53pm PST 
I would continue posting the flyers. If the manager told you to stop, then your dog must be local. I would say on the flyers that he was stolen. Technically, he was. Maybe the new owner would do the right thing. Good Luck!

Don't let- anything come- between you
Barked: Thu Oct 18, '12 6:14pm PST 
Thanks. I put on the flyers that my dog isn't a lost pet but that she wasn't surrendered for adoption.

It's been pretty rough, I've cried till my eyes turned red and had a nightmare that Rudy was being tortured with a shock collar.

I can't look at a beagle without getting emotional. I saw the HBO documentary One Nation Under Dog and literally broke down and cried when I saw two beagles(possibly siblings) in the credits.

I've had her since she was 10 weeks old so she means a lot to me.cry

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Barked: Fri Oct 19, '12 11:16am PST 
I agree with Kali, perhaps consider updating the flyers and call it like it is: Stolen...because that shelter stole your dog and intentionally sold it. Hope you get your dog back soon.hug

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