Have I ruined everything?????

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Barked: Wed Aug 15, '12 5:01pm PST 
Tao is noW 12 weeks old.
I began crate training him when he was 8 weeks old in my bedroom and then letting him play in a pen in the kitchen during the day.

I had to move the pen from the kitchen because I wasn't able to cook or eat! So I set it up in the living room but the problem was that the living room is all carpet and he would go everywhere in the pen, not just on his wee wee pad

When he was 9 or 10 weeks I stopped crating him and he slept in his pen. He began to use his pads for pees and poos so I mistakenly thought he could have more space.

Now he is 12 weeks and he no longer uses the pen and sleeps in bed with me. He has had access all over the house already and pees and poos where he wants

He hates his crate and I am so scared I've ruined house training
I live in an apartment and I have no idea what to do
Is he too old to start from the beginning?

He is also a terror and bites everything/one

For the first 3 weeks I was at home on uni holidays but now I have full-time uni and work so I can't be home with him all day

Please help I feel so terrible
Shiver Me- Timbers- "Charlie"

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Barked: Wed Aug 15, '12 5:15pm PST 
No, you have not ruined everything. Start again from the beginning. Do crate training all over again like you did in the beginning and make the crate fun and awesome by making it HIS space - his toys, feed him there, treat him in it, etc and even do crate games. The thing with pee pads is they have to be trained to use those too just like you would if you were training for outside. Reward EVERY time the puppy pees on the pad or poos on it. My own puppy, Ria, is four months old and is ONLY JUST starting to get access to two rooms, nevermind the whole house - kitchen is the main space, and then during supervision, she can come into the living room. Never does she get access to ANYWHERE except the kitchen unless she's supervised, and even that, she had to earn as she became more reliable with house training.

Barked: Wed Aug 15, '12 5:26pm PST 
Do I keep him in the crate whilst I am at uni? Or should I let him out into his pen with his toys wAter pee pad etc?

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Barked: Wed Aug 15, '12 7:02pm PST 
How long are you gone in a day?

Really though, you gave him a week or 2 max of crate training. That is basically nothing. Not enough time to really associate much of anything for such a youngin. Like posted above, just start over and give it more time. If you want your dog to sleep with you eventually, you need to start with the basics first. It's clear the pup is not ready for that freedom yet. He'll earn it in time with consistency.

Some dogs may never "like" the crate, but if the tolerate it, stay the course. They need limited access.
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Barked: Thu Aug 16, '12 8:11am PST 
Kashmir had to be crated until she was 3 because she would chew things when we were gone. She chewed up books for school and rented wii games on the counter. Anything she could find she would chew up especially the xmas presents big laugh But that young getting full run of the house is a no for me. He needs to be crate trained and when he is no longer messing in there you could try full run when he is older. Some dogs dont like the crate but its a big help. Ours loved theirs, we left the door open all day and they would go inside and sleep. Re-teach him the crate is a good thing.
Alva BH

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Barked: Thu Aug 16, '12 4:07pm PST 
Do you walk him?

He's still a puppy (3 months if I understood it right?). My dog was 5 months when she was housetrained. And I think she's a normal dog. I didn't use a crate or pen, though. She had learned to pee on a bunch of newspapers and she was pretty careful with that until she was so big that although her paws were on the papers, her butt wasn't. The papers were also the most comfortable surface to pee in my little home as my floors are a bit slippery and then I had no carpets. Wall-to-wall carpets are not common in here and thus I don't have any.

I know nothing about crate training so I've no idea how it works in housetraining. My recipe is to walk the puppy very often (Alva started with one walk per two hours and when I was not at home she used the papers, luckily, because my parents dogs didn't have any pads or papers and I got wet socks and thin nerves to wait them to learn). Praise when he does in the right place and say nothing when you clean the accidents in the house. You must also protect expensive floor materials and have lots of patience. I guess that the carpet feels under his paws like the pad.

Alva got the idea at the age of 3 to 4 months and was physically able to hold for several hours when she was 5 months old.

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Barked: Thu Aug 16, '12 4:44pm PST 
I crate trained Lucille and she was finished housetraining by 11 weeks. That's because I took all my vacation days off from work when I got her home at 8 weeks. Nothing but playing, potty training and a bit of beginning collar/leash stuff. I was able to go home during lunch to walk her mid-day when I went back. A consistant schedule is really helpful for puppies.

A good rule of thumb is that a dog can hold it for one hour for every month of age, on average. If your dog is two months old, plan on the dog only being able to hold it 2-3 hours tops. If you're going to be gone 6 hours at a time, your dog should only be expected to hold it for that duration at 6 mos. old. So to plan for consistent housetraining, and setting your dog up to succeed, either go home during the timeframe or enlist someone to help walk the pup during the day.

Some breeds are more difficult to housetrain than others, many small breeds especially due to smaller bladders. I didn't check this pup's breed, so factor that in. Allowing the pup too much access too soon is common, but it doesn't hurt the dog to restrict access to areas of the house until they're reliable. The more they're allowed to go indoors and that behavior gets rehearsed, the tougher it is to train the behavior of going outside. You'll be fine as long as you're consistent and take the pup out often and on a schedule, reward heavily every time she goes outside. Cute pup!dog

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Barked: Thu Aug 16, '12 5:13pm PST 
When Roxy was around 3 or 4 months I put to much trust in her and let her roam around our apartment. That was a big mistake on my part because she began to have accidents again. She is now 7 months old and i still keep her crated. She didn't like it at first. She cried and yelped for weeks. I wouldn't let him stay in the play pen unattended. It is a good thing that you are voicing your concern and looking for advice since he is still so young. Remember to take him out after every nap, about 20 mins after eating, after play time, and make sure to pay attention to him circling and sniffing around something. When you take him outside bring soft puppy treats with you, we used meat from the pet store, we cut it up into little squares. I used "clicker" training with both Roxy and our GSD Warrior and they responded very well to it, if you do it make sure you praise and give him a treat immediately after sounding the clicker.

For chewing/biting. Teething toys. If he is chewing anything other then food or his toys correct him and replace that object with his toy so he knows that is specifically for him. I had rubbery/plastic type of toys Rox would goto town on. When she bit me I would hold her mouth shut and repeat "NO BITING" over & over again until she submits then let go. She doesn't bite anymore.

The crate is his "room". Roxy didn't like it at first, but i started acting really excited and would say "Roxy let's go in your room!!" and just act super excited and she would get hyped up and bolt into her crate. She gets praised and receives a treat everytime(ice cubes =))

A good way to get used to a leash, he's young, so walk around your apt with him on the leash. He will get use to walking with you and on a leash, he won't be able to "escape" you because you have a hold of him which may teach him not to bolt off in the very near future.

Roxy has accidents every now and then, vet claims it is stubborn behavior and will eventually grow out of it( we shall see), but if she goes in the house she knows she did wrong and acts ashamed. Being in an apt i can say has been the most difficult, idk what floor you live on but im on the 3rd so the moment she would have an accident Id have to hurry and take her outside. Anytime he has an accident immediately take him out.

Barked: Fri Aug 17, '12 12:24am PST 
Thank you for all the feedback.

I took the day off yesterday to help him get back into routine.
I had his crate in the kitchen and fenced off a small area with an ex pen and put a grass patch at the far end.
He didnt end up using it as I took him out religeously every nap/feed/play/ 2 hours but noticed he went about every 4 hours irregardless of all those factors, except for naps which he went straight away.

He did wet his crate once (The crate wasnt closed????)

He also went for a poo about 5-10 mins after the wee (only once during the day)
When this happened he bolted to the door to be let in to do it inside (I caught him and angled his bum UP AND AWAY LOL and got him outside)

I then took him for a massive walk, which he didnt wee or poo on, but as soon as we got back to my partners parents house (the min we walked in the door) he went on the carpet (GRUMBLE) Said "NO" and cleaned it up without much fuss and put him outside to play with my partner

***rainbow HERE IS WHERE ID LOVE YOUT IMPUT rainbow***

For night time I took his crate into my room and have another expen set up just big enough for the crate and a puppy pad. I didnt close him in the crate. so he had access to the pad through the night.
At 3am I woke up to him screaming! I thought it was just because he wasnt in bed with me which is what he is used to but as I found out it was because he didnt want to lay in his own mess =
after he kept screaming I checked his crate bedding and it was absolutely saturated!!!! The pad hadnt been touched even though he had access to it.


I chucked his bedding in the wash
and laid down a teatowel because his spare bedding was already in the wash from him peeing on it earlier in the day.
He didnt like this and jumped up ontop of his crate and made a ruckus until I put him into his crate and shut the door.
I woke up every hour after that to let him out to wee and poo (Which he did on the mat)

This morning I fed him in his crate and moved it back to the bigger kitchen expen area

Can you tell me what I can do about his bedwetting, and if I should adjust my crating to closing him in the crate all night to encourage him not to soil it?

Barked: Fri Aug 17, '12 12:51am PST 
How long are you gone in a day?

Im usually gone from 5-6hrs

Kashmir- ♥ CGC
"when he is no longer messing in there"
Alot of dog books I have read say that once they mess in their crate you should just call it quits (SOO HELPFUL *shrug*)
Do you have any tips for when he has soiled in his crate (I wash it and replace the bedding to rid the odour) is it because he is not used to his crate being his sleeping place and in time he will reassociate it ?

Alva BH

Do you walk him?

I take him on a big walk in the afternoon but because Im out during the day and I live on the 2nd story of an apartment (Which im not allowed pets in, according to the rules that changed after I already had him!!!) Its hard for me to take him out often.


"either go home during the timeframe or enlist someone to help walk the pup during the day."

I work/study over an hour away from home by train and there is no parking. As for help, everyone I know also works and my neighbours arnt allowed to know hes there!
Would keeping him in his pen with puppy pads be sufficient???


"I wouldn't let him stay in the play pen unattended."
Is this so he would learn to not go in his crate? I seem to have this problem at the moment but I am away 5 - 8 hours most days (it varies) with no way of getting home to him in between
Would you recommend crating him at night?
and when you are home do you have him crated most of the day and take him out to wee after sleep/food/2 hrs and then let him have 30 mins of play and back into the crate (It feels cruel not to let him walk around for that long)

"For chewing/biting. Teething toys."
He has an array of soft/rope/sqeeky/rubber toys that he plays with. But when he is on our laps he has a habit of lunging and if you go to pat him at all he tries to bite your hand (I only just got him out of the habbit of

"When she bit me I would hold her mouth shut and repeat "NO BITING" over & over again until she submits then let go."

Tao doesnt submit when we do this, he just gets more riled up and excited. His eyes change to solid whites and his ears go back too. We have to resort to pinning him down which he writhes around but we hold him down until he is still. His eyes dont change though and as soon as we let him back up he either goes right back to biting or will lay there but will try to nip at any hands coming his way

" idk what floor you live on but im on the 3rd so the moment she would have an accident Id have to hurry and take her outside. Anytime he has an accident immediately take him out. "

I live on the 2nd floor and I have a balcony that I have a puppy loo (fake grass) set up for him to go on. Durring the night though I have a puppy pad set up in my room next to his crate and just leave the crate door open for him to use it.

I do stress that him having multiple areas (Puppy pad in bedroom, small grass patch in kitchen and large grass patch on balcony) leads to his confusion about where he needs to go.

Its currently really cold and miserable here so I dont feel comfortable leaving him out on the balcony all day when im not home since he is so small..
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