Need help finding a SA organization for a friend in HAWAII

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Full details here: http://funchefchick.com/2012/08/04/help-me-find-a-service-animal-for -my-friend-in-hawaii/

In a nutshell: I have a dear friend with a severe (severe!) disability who could benefit greatly from having an SA. Unfortunately, the main SA organization in Hawaii reserves all wheelchair-trained dogs for children, not adults. Once my friend had to start using a wheelchair she got bumped *completely* off of their wait list after being on it for 2 years. (!) Argh!

She's a lovely person with a terrible disease, and she is very deserving. She grew up with dogs and *loves* them. She has a husband who can assist in ensuring the dog's needs get met.

I need to find a group on the 'mainland' who would be willing to train up a dog for her remotely, I think. I just *know* there has to be a solution here. Help!

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to turn to try to solve this problem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to forward that URl to whomever might be able to help, or who knows someone who might know someone.

thanks ever-so!

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I met a woman in a wheelchair the other day at the ballpark.
She was from Hawaii, moved here a few months back and her dog - great dog.. comes from those guys:
best to your friend and crossing our paws and fingers dog walk
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You'd think, right? That is the very organization with which she has been working for these past 2+ years. Originally my friend was mobile on her own power, but in the past six months she's gotten worse and is now in a wheelchair. That was when she was told - kindly, but still - that she was not bumped off of the waiting list completely. Wheelchair-trained dogs go to terminally-ill children in need first, full stop. They basically told her that she would never get a dog from them because of their rules.

So ... any other ideas?


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The problem with anything mainland is that getting the dog over there can be really complicated. As far as professional trainers who might be willing to tackle the training and the hassle of getting the dog to Hawaii, you might contact Pro Train. They're in CA, they are not all positive training based so if your friend has a problem with that it's important to note that now, but from the pets that I've seen them trained they do know their stuff.

I've heard good reviews of their assistance dogs, but have never actually talked to someone who has gotten a service dog trained by them. I'll see if I can brainstorm any other private trainer because I'm fairly sure that most 'program's won't bring a dog to her. Now if she's able/willing to travel she should look into what requirements (she'll have to do this anyway) it will take to get the dog into Hawaii and then she might be able to apply to a program that supplies dog nationally that is on the mainland.

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Since I forgot the link to protrain I'll include it as well as a few ADI recognized or partner programs that are on the west cost that she might want to contact. All the one's I'll link say they provide dogs for US... so one would assume that also meant Hawaii, but she'll want to confirm this more than likely.

Pro Train

Canine Companions for Independence

Bergin University of Canine Studies

Power Paws Assistance Dogs

Laughing Eyes Kennels (there are at least two members on these forums that have a dog from this program)
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I recently moved to hawaii and I live on Oahu I am working with a new program there called Hawaii CAN and do not know their process for placing dogs but am happy to help your friend. Let me know if I can help.

E-mailing me is best.
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Found these on the ADI website .. No harm in checking them out

hawaii_can@hawaii.rr.com Hawaii Canine Assistance Network

Hawaii Canines for Independence - www.hawaiicanines.com/

Hawaii Fi-Do Service Dogs - hifido@hawaii.rr.com

Ailbe and Shadow Walker