how far do you drive?

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Kashmir- ♥ CGC

Boxer Beach Bum
Barked: Fri Jul 6, '12 10:33am PST 
Unless i special order the size bag i need at pet supplies plus right down the road, I think ill have to get it from a place thats total 26 miles round trip (13 there and 13 back.) Just wondered how far others travel for their dogs food?

Is today agility- day??
Barked: Fri Jul 6, '12 11:52am PST 
I'd say I drive pretty close to that distance to get my dogs' food at a small, family owned shop. It's kind of a pain since I rarely need to go to that part of town for any other reason, but I don't really see any other options since none of the online food delivery services are small dog friendly with their shipping fees.

Which way did- they go?
Barked: Fri Jul 6, '12 12:46pm PST 
I don't big grin I order from petfooddirect.com and K9cuisine.com.


dog-sitter in- charge.
Barked: Fri Jul 6, '12 1:00pm PST 
A little under 40 miles one way every 2-3 months or so, so about 80 miles round to meat up at the raw supplier drop off point.

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Bruno CGC

Honorary Kelpie
Barked: Fri Jul 6, '12 1:48pm PST 
about five miles. But, since we live about five miles out of town, it's at least that far for everything. There is a small country grocery store, and small feed store less than a mile away, but their selection/pricing is not good.

I'm huntin'- wabbits
Barked: Fri Jul 6, '12 1:57pm PST 
I don't remember the last I bought food at a store. With all the coupons and free shipping, I always buy food online.

Homer's Where- the Heart is
Barked: Fri Jul 6, '12 2:18pm PST 
We live about 2 miles away from our local family owned store. It's great to be so close and since I used to work there they still give me 10% off food and 30% of supplies.

Barked: Fri Jul 6, '12 3:51pm PST 
Most of the time, I walk.

The farthest I drive for only getting dog food is about 8 miles round trip. I live in a small town that's less than 5 miles long, so it's not too far for anything if I stay within city limits.
I will drive up to 30 miles for dog food items, but will not do that only for one or two things. I have to have another reason to drive that far, since my Jeep goes through gas like a fire through paper, and it's really not worth it for me to drive 60 miles round trip (at least $25 bucks right there) just for a bag of dog food or some raw tripe.

Barked: Fri Jul 6, '12 3:52pm PST 
About 30 miles round trip, but it is close to where i work so it is really not out o the way.

I have just met- you and I LOVE- you!
Barked: Fri Jul 6, '12 4:07pm PST 
20 minutes each way (I'm from Michigan, so we sort of measure distance in time wink) It's about 11 miles one way. But the prices are absolutely unbeatable, and it's family-owned and independent. Not terribly clean or pretty, but the prices are stellar and worth the drive.
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