lymphoma sarcoma and weight loss during chemo

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I have a labrador that has been diagnosed with lymphoma sarcoma. he is going through chemo and is losing weight. is there something that I can do to keep the weight on him? he is doing well with the chemo and is eating and drinking but is still losing weight. I would be greatful for any advice.

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It also happens in humans. The only thing I can think of would be a higher calorie diet.
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You might want to ask your vet about a high protein diet. Wellington was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2007. He went through the chemo and is still going strong! The vet recommended a high protein diet which he is still on. We just added protein to his kibble - i.e. cooked chicken, cottage cheese, egg, chicken broth, etc. (Cancer cells like carbohydrates (grow faster) but grow slower with protein). He was able to maintain his weight fairly well during the chemo. (We also switched him to Blue Buffalo kibble which has high protein varieties).

(By the way, his fur did become very thin and sparse during treatment. Not because it fell out but because after he shed it normally it wouldn't grow back in. Finally, several months after he finished the chemo, it started to grow again).

Best wishes to you. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.hug


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Thankyou wellington. this has been extremely helpful. sending a hug hug
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way to gohughughughughug

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You got the same advice I was going to give so I will just pass on best wishes and hope things turn around soon.
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Have to agree with protein, protein, protein and watch those carbs, cancer cells like sugars which is what carbs breaks down to.
Lots of pup prayers for your pup.
Glad to hear that he is doing well with chemo.dog