puppy scared the life outta me!!

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Barked: Fri May 25, '12 11:11pm PST 
So let the dogs out for a wee today and we have a split level garden with a ledge/wall up to the higher bit. Well my border collie puppy is quite energetic and she saw my older dog on the bottom level and went bolting and leapt/fell off the wall onto the ground i could have died thought she might of broken something but she just sat there stunned for a bit then continued running. Im a bit pedantic atm as shes going to be an agility dog and i dont want any joint issues.

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Barked: Sat May 26, '12 10:29am PST 
That is always so scary. Puppies always think they can do everything the big boys do!--or at least they want to and try! wink
f she continued running chances are she's okay. But maybe feel all around her paws and legs, and apply gentle squeezes along each paw, from the paw pads up to the knew caps, gently bending and flexing each leg also....?

Frankie gave me an equal scare within the first week we had him. He jumped off the porch, it is about a 5 to 6 foot drop, and oftentimes puppies do not have very good height perception, so he obviously thought he was just jumping a couple inches. red face

He laid on the ground, on his side, and gave me a HUGE scare..We gently picked him up, cradled him for a minute or two, and put him down again. Much like your little one, he was bounding in the yard again within a minute or two!

Puppies are tough.
But keep a watch on her the next few days and see if she limps, skips, holds a paw up in the air, whines for no apparent reason, etc.....


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She seems fine its hard to feel her over as one i dont know what im feeling for and 2 shes way to wriggly and hypo lol

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Barked: Sun May 27, '12 8:09am PST 
That is scary! One time I had Jax on a porch with a 4 foot wall around it, and about 6 feet off the ground. I had to leave for a few minutes and she got upset and jumped off/over it and came running to me. I was horrified. But she was fine.

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That would sure scare you! Keeva thinks she can fly and I have to keep telling her she can'tlaugh out loud

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Barked: Mon May 28, '12 4:20am PST 
My vet says that he sees more Border Collies for self inflicted injuries than any other breed frown Just keep an eye on your pup. Mine never ran over edges, but Garbo jumped very high trying to catch a bird flying overhead and then turned to look at me mid-leap then flipped down in a very awkward fall on her back on hard paving stones! I did have her X-rayed as she seemed very stiff a couple of days later. No long term injury but her Hamstring was strained and lots of infammation. She was on Traumeel (spelling?) for a while. Be warned, Border Collies might be smart but sometimes their over eagerness is predominant!
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Barked: Wed May 30, '12 11:59am PST 
When Kashmir was smaller she would take flying leaps off the deck. It would give me heart attacks everytime because she was so small. (our great dane we had thought he could go through the railing and broke it big laugh We just never fixed it yet red face ) .

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Im also worried as i didnt know hip problems in borders was common and tash is just from a farm so i dont know her lines, all i know is the dad is the local vets dog and the mum was from interstate confused

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When Chance was about 3.5 months old, she put her little head down and came flying into the house as fast as she could go.
Only problem, she missed the open door by about a foot and slammed head 1st into the house.
We thought she's fractured her skull. Little pooper staggered, shook her head, put her head back down and charged in through the open door.