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Does ANYONE has experience with FHO or HD surgery?

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Barked: Tue May 22, '12 7:38am PST 
I'm just devastated and spent last night in complete tears. My kids are getting grown up now, and I have always loved dogs and had them my entire life. I decided to join a program and just graduated the first of May with a certification in Pet Therapy. I had just started my visits and was loving it. Posh and I are SOOOO close, and I absolutely LOVE HER!

I never noticed a problem with her legs at all and just thought she hopped when runnig because it was her style.
About a month ago she started limping when outside running around with her brothers. I thought she had a pulled muscle. It got better everyday and then went away. I never thought anymore about it. Yesterday I come home from work and she could not use her left back leg at all and was holding it up. I quickly called the vet and they diagnosed her with hip dysplasia and possible ACL problem. She is supposed to rest for two weeks and then we go back.

Her parents were both tested for everything, but I guess it happens anyway sometimes. I'm just sick. I had a dog with hip dysplasia before and it was not any fun, but even then they never quit using their leg completely. This came on so fast, I just don't understand.

Do you think I should get FHO surgery? I can't afford hip replacement. I think I should get a second opinion and live close the Michigan State University, which has a wonderful vet teaching program.

Anyone have this surgery? Plese answer if you have anything input.


Mindy and Posh

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Barked: Tue May 22, '12 7:50am PST 
We are going through the same thing right now with Koby. I do know that not every dog is a candidate for FHO. That is something only a specialist can tell you. We have found that low impact regular supervised exercise and pain management has worked wonders for Koby. I think the key is to keep them moving. He is at his worst when he is cooped up. We walk him, weave him around poles, walk him up and down stairs, walk him over very low boards, walk him up and down hills all at regulated pace. We still have to do surgery at some point, but the exercise has done wonders for him. His hips used to click constantly when he walked. Now we only hear it every now and then. Hope that helps. Good luck!
Sambo Boy

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Barked: Tue May 22, '12 2:04pm PST 
Thank you. We go back in two weeks for another check up. I also made an appt with Michigan State. There is a video on youtube of a dog 5 months post FHO from Michigan State, and honestly I can't tell which one had the surgery. It's running every where.



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Barked: Tue May 22, '12 3:25pm PST 
Hmmm, I wrote this and Dogster apparently ate it!
Harvey had a FHO at 7 months for LCPD. He is now almost three and is PERFECT with no limp at all!! Check out his photos and you will see him racing around in most of them, in fact, watch his video!!!
I was a skeptic and now am a believer in this surgery.
Did the vet do xrays or just determine this diagnois by palpation? If no xrays were done you definitely need a second opinion with xrays as in many cases, an ACL problem WILL cause pain in the hip area due to changes in the gait.
Search thru Harvey's diaries... back to the second page I think, and the surgery is discussed as well as his own experience with it.

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Barked: Tue May 22, '12 4:22pm PST 

Thank you for your input. Yes, they did do xrays and I could see where it was not in the socket all the way. My breeder is just horrified and has all of her dogs hip certifications listed on her site. I guess it happens anyway.

Please keep in touch because I may need support through this.

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Barked: Tue May 22, '12 4:48pm PST 
Posh, I KNOW about HD showing up anywhere it feels like... Chaz, my brown poodle, quickly finished his championship and was set to begin his career as a desirable brown mini stud with a super tested pedigree.
Well, his OFA hip xrays were not great at all, in spite of the first FIVE generations of his pedigree all being clear...either good or excellent. He was graded borderline, but it was devastating to have to neuter him, none the less. Fortunately, he has no symptoms so is in a great pet home.
Back when I bred labs I sold a large, blocky female to an orthopaedic surgeon. At about a year old, she was slammed by a car and crushed BOTH femur heads. They did a double FHO. When I saw her about a year later I had NO IDEA she had suffered ANY injury, her gait was smooth and strong. Last I heard she was 12+ and still going strong with NO lameness at all.
I really could not believe the lack of problems with Harvey's FHO. I was convinced he would be a cripple for life! He has a LARGE, visible scar since he is hairless, but he wears it like a medal of honor!!
My vet is a bit old fashioned and didn't believe in much rehab. His feeling was that Harvey would do his own rehab, especially since I have multiple dogs to encourage him along. After about a week he was slightly bearing weight, at two weeks he was walking well and I began taking him out in the hilly areas of our fields. Worked great! I actually expected spending the entire Summer getting him walking again... within a few weeks he was out kayaking with us and being perfectly normal.

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Barked: Tue May 22, '12 5:52pm PST 
Thank you....I will keep you updated as I know more, at least two to three weeks. I feel better, but still sad.