Do you still use Frontline?

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Barked: Wed May 9, '12 5:57pm PST 
I was hoping to find people that still use frontline and are NOT having problems. Everyone I talk too has something negative to say about Frontline, I am still using it....but now Bella is scratching. I have always been paranoid when the dogs scratch, but it is worse now. I have checked Bella several times a day and can not find anything. She has food allergies and environmental allergies, I am hoping it is that causing the itching but can I really be sure?
Daisy Baby

Daddy's Spoiled- Little Girl!
Barked: Wed May 9, '12 6:17pm PST 
that's all we use for our dogs and cats. My vet told me to get the largest dog package frontline offered and he gave me the exact dose for each animal...its way cheaper than anything I ever found and the only one that works.

blue dog

I'm a big brat- and I don't care- :)
Barked: Wed May 9, '12 6:25pm PST 
I used to use Frontline. They only problem I had with it was, it stopped working. I used Advantix now, but I only use it every other month.

Jazmine- *Jazzy*

Barked: Wed May 9, '12 6:39pm PST 
I just started Jazzy on it, one of the vet technicians suggested it was the best for around here. She isn't itching or anything so I think it's safe to say no bad sidaffects here.

Barked: Wed May 9, '12 7:01pm PST 
Bruno and Zoey have been on Frontline Plus for years, all my previous dogs have been on it too. They have not once had a flea or tick and we live in Minnesota, I'm not sure where you live but we've never had an issue.
Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

Million Dollar- Mutt
Barked: Wed May 9, '12 7:12pm PST 
I use frontline in my house- with no problems.

Barked: Wed May 9, '12 7:14pm PST 
Thanks everyone..I have been using Frontline for probably close to 10yrs. We currently live in VA but we also live on a creek and have had a few critters in the yard lately. Our cats have also started going outdoors, but they are also treated with Frontline. I have always used frontline every 2-3 months depending on the season and my pets have never had a fleas. I have just been hearing all bad press on frontline, I as starting to worry. I also buy the bigger doses and split it between all my dogs, so we use 2 of the 89-132lbs each application. I have been thinking of switching to trifexis but the cost difference is a lot.
Blaze - Adopted

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Barked: Thu May 10, '12 8:44am PST 
We use Frontline Plus! cheercheer I put Advantix on Grunt and Darcy and they had bad reactions to it. So we're back to old faithful Frontline Plus. Ticks are pretty bad here and it works just fine on them! way to go
Sirius- Padfoot- Black

Too clever for- Mom's own good!- :)
Barked: Thu May 10, '12 9:31am PST 
Fleas were horrible here last year, but our good ol' Frontline Plus took care of it. No problems with it here on any of the five of us.

Hump Hump
Barked: Fri May 11, '12 4:37am PST 
Yep !! Frontline plus for old Farticus , never had a problem....smile

Hugs & Farts
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