My dog has EPI

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I just wanted to make people aware of this. I have a 4yr old German Shepherd and she has always had a hard time to putting on and keeping weight. Ive fed her grain free foods and while things remained fine for a few months she will one day eventually have stomach issues. Well the last time this happened was the final straw for me. She lost 5-6 lbs in a week and couldn’t digest her food (threw up and didn’t have the urge to eat). I read online about GS being prone to something called EPI so i went to a new vet and had them do a blood test to look for EPI. A few days later got the results and sure enough she had EPI. So for the last 5 weeks I have taken her for b12 shots once a week and have given her Tylan Powder, and two different enzymes. She has gained a pound every week, and no longer had digestion issues. Here is the site where ive found allot of useful information


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Good for her for having it diagnosed! At least EPI can be treated with very good success!

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hug Nala. I had been worried about Squam for a long time. Adding Prozyme to his diet did the trick, so I did not do the cTLI test. Knowing what is going on must be a relief. Hopefully you can manage Nala's EPI & she can live a good life. These are two of my fave links for EPI.
epi link
dog aware

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Kali's breeder rescued a King Shepherd that has EPI. They've had her for a few years now and she's thriving. As long as you know what it is, then 1/2 the battle is won. Good luck with Nala.

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thanks guys and thanks for the links. Im very happy and looking forward to seeing nala thrive over the next few weeks