Teeth cleaning- anything I should be aware of?

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Meesha has some pretty rediculous breath. She came to us like that. I bought some toothpaste and a brush for her but it did nothing- it's some pretty serious tartar. Vet says it's not to bad, and that a cleaning and some spray should clear up the problem.

Are there any health risks I should be aware of? Of course, putting them under isn't fail proof.. It's scary.

Or maybe there are other options that actually work?

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If the vet says it's not too bad I would go for cleaning without anesthesia as the first step, this is what I did with Murphy. If it works then you don't have to do the anesthesia plus it's less expensive. Also I would start using Petzlife spray or gel which is very useful in getting rid of tartar and bad breath.

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I try to brush my dogs teeth all the time. I also give my dogs greenies to help with the tarter. I agree with then post of not having your dog put under if you can help it. To many things can go wrong.


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Oh! They didn't tell me about an awake option! She's going to be under anyway, for her spay.

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I have found that stevia kills dental bacteria, which prevents tartar buildup. I put a drop or two on a toothbrush and brush my dogs' teeth at least once a week. It isn't toxic to dogs and I only have to use very little. They like the sweet taste, too!
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Jake recently got his teeth cleaned. He was put under and out for the procedure. he came to me with some pretty bad tarter build up and some serious calcification.

His vet was very good and jake is still young. Since i feed raw i don't expect to have to drop another 200 bucks on teeth cleaning even though its covered in jake's wellness plan.

But if your vet says it can be helped with just brushing then i'd go with that option. brushing the teeth isn't difficult if you get a flavor your dog loves. I also hear those sprays work well and there's things you can put in their water.

You could also try feeding bones every once in a while as in raw red meaty bones like ribs or beef backs. They clean a dogs teeth really good.

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I'm really warry of anethesia. Have you considered giving raw meaty bones? These are great at cleaning teeth!

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oh! no- brushing alone wouldn't cut this, for sure!

I will definitely try the raw meaty bones! I can almost guarantee she won't want much to do with them but definitely worth a try! Meesha is the pickiest little thing! she even turns up her nose at canned food. I am going to try a new brand that's a little better quality asap.

thanks everyone! way to go

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The vet I work for will only do dental cleaning under anesthesia because it's less stressful for the pet. Our dental cleaning tools are loud and if my dog were getting her teeth done, I'd only do it under anesthesia. However, we do not do dental cleaning or any other surgical procedure for that matter, without blood work first to make sure it is safe to put the patient under anesthesia. That way if the blood work results show anything that could be a possible risk, they won't proceed with anesthesia. I don't know if that would make you feel any more comfortable about putting your pup under, but it's a safeguard I would certainly talk to your vet about.