No paper for dog how do i find out if she's mixed ?.

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Ive been told by many she has beautiful markings. but always wondered and have been told certain things will tell you if shes pure or not ? any ideas, although i love her just the same no matter what smile

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She looks all husky to me.
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Unless you have a pedigree in front of you, you can't know for sure - and even then, accidents happen. A bitch can carry puppies from up to 4 different males at a time.

Most of the time you can make a pretty good guess by comparing your dog to show dogs of the same breed. If they look alike, it's a good bet they're purebred. There are some markers you can look for, but they are not 100% reliable. Any trait linked to a recessive gene will be more likely to disappear in a mixed breed (provided that other breed involved does not carry the same recessives).

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Take her to a husky expert: Someone who shows, breeds and/or does Husky rescue. When Sesi died I could not afford the pedigree so we got Kaija from a private party. The people were not knowledgeable about huskies. They had the parents and were marketing the puppies as husky/hybrid. Parents looked purebred. The puppies were: 1. dark chocolate copper, 2. light chocolate copper, 3. lighter copper, 4. Agouti and the other two I did not see. The father looked purebred: a light chocolate copper. The mother looked purebred: a dilute black and white. I took Kaija to a person who has showed, bred and done rescue work. The expert told us that many people think they have a hybrid when they don't. She said there are types of huskies that don't fit the standard opinion of what a husky should look like and an Agouti is one of those. With the puppies being predominantly the recessive chocolate copper coat with amber or blue eyes being a mix is less likely and there being an Agouti in the puppies, the suspect ancestor was likely an Agouti husky. She told me that Kaija looks full husky, has a husky temperament, stands like a husky, walks and runs like a husky. In fact, she thought she was close to show standards. The expert feels sure that Kaija is purebred. She told me that one ancestor was probably an Agouti husky, which has a wolfish appearance and which people might think was hybrid. I'm satisfied feeling that Kaija is purebred based on an expert opinion.