garlic as heartworm preventive

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Lonestar- (Adopted- 2012)

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Is garlic an effective heartworm preventive?

Is there any effective holistic heartworm preventives?

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Lonestar- (Adopted- 2012)

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Any pup?

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We use fresh garlic as our chosen prevention method and have had a lot of success with it. We live in north Texas which has an extremely high rate of reported HW cases.
My Grandmother has used this on her 2 Schnauzers (ages 13 and 15) and her outdoor dogs, 2 Great Pyrs (both aged 6 years)none of them have ever gotten HWs.
None of my dogs have ever had them either, with the exception of one Chow Chow years ago that was on veterinarian prescribed HW prevention.


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From everything I have read, garlic won't prevent HW. It is a horrible illness that is very preventable.

I have never seen a single study or any actual proof other then hearsay that any "natural remedy" actually works as a HW preventative. Just because someone uses garlic and has been lucky enough to dodge the bullet, doesn't mean the garlic actually did anything.

For instance, I am in the deep south, HW central. Recently I helped a friend rehome a 5 year old dog, she could no longer care for (Husband died from cancer and she lost her house)He had never been on preventative, but he was HW negative when I had him tested. He was mostly an inside dog and they got lucky.

During the same time period I rescued a stray, similar age and size, he was positive. So positive that the test show results almost the second they started it, a strong positive. He wasn't lucky. (well pretty lucky since he was rescued and is being treated for what ails him)

Yes, dogs do occasionally get HW while on preventative, but it is most likely caused by the dog spitting out the meds, getting overweight and not taking enough, vomiting....If your dog does get HW while on preventative, the company will pay for treatment.

HW is nothing to mess with.
Lonestar- (Adopted- 2012)

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Thanks for the info Fritz. I couldn't find any literature to support that garlic or any such "holistic remedy" is effective in preventing heartworm disease. If any pup is aware of such, please share.

It has been decided that Lonestar is best suited as a spayed companion animal. One of the families that wants her is totally opposed to providing veterinary prescribed heartwotm preventive, believing it's detrimental to dogs' health. They firmly believe a regimen of garlic, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, etc is the most appropriate heartworm prevention. Unfortunately, they won't hear otherwise.relieved

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