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2 year old mix who has to stick to a routine/anxiety problems ????

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Darth- Vader~(Vader- )

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Barked: Wed Jan 4, '12 9:13am PST 
‎**I have a quick question, Our dog Vader is VERY rigid with his routine. He was dumped in the woods when he was 3-4 months old, He is VERY VERY smart, we are pretty sure he is husky/lab mix. He prefers to be in his crate or dark spot, he will growl if you approach his crate and nip if you don't heed his back off warnings. he has NEVER bit, just gives you cues that he wants to be left alone when he is in his crate. He also does not like to be bothered at night. If i don't put his food dish in the same spot every morning he will not eat, if i have to leave him with my parents he wont eat. He KNOWS our schedule and will put himself in his crate when we are about to go to church to the store or when its time for the kids to go to school. if his crate is not in the exact spot where it always is he wont go in it and acts confused and scared. When we travel he always gets the runs for a few days..he does not like to be taken out of any ideas what that is all about and if there is anything we could do to help him? he seems to have a awe full lot of anxiety when his is thrown off his schedule**

Barked: Wed Jan 4, '12 11:58am PST 
I'm not saying for sure but to me he sounds like he could be autistic.
I myself am autistic and I get very upset if my routine is changed or certain things are moved. If I was a dog I would be like him I growl and nip if people came up to me. I don't like being touched and I get uncomfortable around people maybe Vader is the same way. I have often wondered if Beauregard is autistic because he likes routines and he doesn't like playing with other dogs. Beauregard has a thunder shirt that helps him. They are suppose to help with anxiety. Maybe something like that could help Vader. I wish you and Vader lots of luck. I know what it's like for him.

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Vader, Kai is very similar, if she does something a couple times in a row it becomes her new routine and can become problematic if we want to deviate, she also needs her 'kai time' uninterupted crate time. We let her have certain habits like crating herself at apropriate times and evening frisbee time from bed but i try to change up other stuff to keep her more flexible. I move her crate over a few inches a few days at a time so it is not too traumatic of a change, i reward her with treats for not being too rigid, for instance if she will come back out of her crate when i invite her for a bit more lap time or when she hangs out with the family instead of retreating to her spot under an end table. It seems to help her see flexibility as a good thing i think. But some things she is adament about, DH cereal time is also fetch time, etc but i think a bit of routine is good for her, she has a strong work ethic and needs some structure i think.

Darth- Vader~(Vader- )

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Barked: Wed Jan 4, '12 2:13pm PST 
Vader does sound allot like Kai...we have always said he needs a job, he is ALWAYS aiming to please and always ready to when we call he is there, when we say crate he is there, he is VERY VERY intelligent...we though he would have made a excellent police dog.

He loves the kids especially my youngest daughter,she is 8 they are inseparable, but at night and when he is in his crate they know to leave him alone unless he comes to

he loves to lay in your lap and get as close as he can to you, but when he tries to sleep in bed with us he just cant fall asleep, he rolls and fidgets and just wont settle unless he is in his crate. i feel bad because he is in there allot, not by me putting him in there, his choice to go an lay in there, and if he cant get to his crate he will lay under the computer desk(dark and quiet) or by the bathtub in the bathroom