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Kip & Oogie

Goof Fox & Diva- Squirrel
Barked: Sat Nov 19, '11 1:29pm PST 
So, today I got to thinking about our beloved little 4 legged friends and how unique each pup really is. My two are siblings from the same litter, and it's amazing how different in personality they are! Each of them have funny little behavioral quirks that I've noticed in them that I haven't seen in any other dog's I've ever owned before.

For example, Oogie is a total little devious manipulator. She KNOWS that Kip gets crazy mad jealous if I pay attention to any dog other than him, so she's figured out how to use this to her advantage... If Kip is chewing on something that Oogie wants, like a deer antler or a bully stick, she will look at him, come over to wherever I am, and begin being all sweet and junk. Ofcourse, I respond by talking to her and telling her what a cute little princess she is, and then Kip IMMEDIATELY comes bounding into the picture and wedges himself between us, making a fool of himself rolling around and whatnot. THE MINUTE Kip gets there and is distracted by my pettings (and is consequently very proud of himself for stealing my attention from Oogie- you can see the happy smug look on his face), Oogie sneak prances out of the picture and goes and steals whatever Kip was chewing on. She's done this MULTIPLE times. After poor Kip realizes what's happened, he gets very upset and proceeds to go to where Oogie is, flail around on the floor, and make these yodely-whine type noises as a signal of his protest to what just happened. You would think he would notice the pattern, but his oblivious to it each and every time... Note: He is DOUBLE her size, so it's a pretty ridiculous site to see. You would think with his size he would just take it from her! The tiny one though, she's the boss. A little honey badger in disguise.

Kip, on the other hand, I would say is completely composed of quirks and noodles. He's the biggest goofball I've ever encountered. Total cheesecake and attention monger. The funniest thing he does is his reaction to the word "cottage cheese." He literally flips out and acts like he's going to explode- starts "singing" even at the MENTION of the word. I've tried to trick him by just saying cottage or just saying cheese, but it's only when the two are said together that he goes nuts. He REALLY likes cottage cheese. And fetch. And running. And tricks. And just about everything other than baths... though he's a bit OCD about licking the water off of my feet when I get out of the shower.

So what are your pups' funny little behavioral quirks? I'm always interested in hearing about the silly things other people's dogs do!

When the night- closes in I will- be there
Barked: Sat Nov 19, '11 2:02pm PST 
Sabi sits in front of me and stares until I ask her what she wants, then she opens her mouth which in Sabi speak means its food time. 7am and 4pm time changes don't affect her I swear she can tell time. If I don't go to bed at 11 she will stand in front of me and stare until I get up and head for bed. If I take to long she will bark at me until I move.
Shadow stamps her front feet if I ignore her. I have nicknamed her taptap. Just like a spoiled kid. And she won't go outside unless Sabi knows. I say outside she runs over and barks at Sabi, then goes to the door.
Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Sun Nov 20, '11 7:05pm PST 
My boy lets me know he's ready to go out and pee in the morning by coming up to the bed and pushing his nose against mine. Plenty of times have I jolted awake and thought I was eye to eye with a whimpery werewolf, lol!

Oogie, Jack licks my legs when I get out of the shower too! I say 'dry me' and he licks off every last bit haha. Slightly gross, but adorable!

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Scruffy (RIP)

In Loving Memory
Barked: Fri Nov 25, '11 11:26am PST 
When Lily wants to go out she will do this whisper quite whine. She does it every morning without fail.

When Scruffy wants a belly rub he will roll onto his back and ask for belly rubs. If we ignore him he will roll onto his side and look at us and then roll onto his back again for belly rubs and wait till someone comes over to rub his belly.
Kip & Oogie

Goof Fox & Diva- Squirrel
Barked: Mon Nov 28, '11 12:24pm PST 
Ah I love reading these!!!

Sabi, that is hilarious about Shadow barking at Sabi before she goes outside. And the tap thing!! Both my pups are expressive with their paws, and sometimes if you are playing, Oogie does the "Oogie stomp" where she, in a very determined manner, demandingly stomps her feet as she comes to take whatever toy she wants from you. laugh out loud

Jackson! I love that! I've woken up many a time to Kip oh-so-close but not touching my face, just staring at me waiting for me to wake up. Kinda creepy, but kinda cute haha!

Scruffy loves the belly rubs! That sounds so cute smile My brother's dog is demanding about them but in a different way. She first rolls over, but upon not getting a response, she loudly "huffs," and then comes closer, wiggles under your hand, and proceeds to roll over so that your hand is on her belly. If you continue to not rub her, she huffs again, and if that fails she barks. They say dogs are like their owners... does that make my brother a demanding diva?? His girlfriend seems to think so BOL! I guess that would make me a "special" princess if the traits thing is true though laugh out loud

Treats?? Oh- yeahhh!!
Barked: Mon Nov 28, '11 5:55pm PST 
JT - Riley wakes me up like that too, with the Super Duper Nose Nudge. Actually, on Thanksgiving my MIL was sitting at the table holding a glass of wine and he nudged her arm and that wine was spilled all over the table. Hubby and I know to be careful while holding beverages, each of us has spilled one because of a nudge.

Riley is also big on sighing. If we don't want to play, he plops down on the floor and sighs.
He's also insistent with his ball when wants us to play - he will come up to one of us with it in his mouth and throw it in our lap. If we don't pick it up and toss it for him, he picks it back up and throws it at us again.

Lady's Man
Barked: Mon Nov 28, '11 5:55pm PST 
wave I skip with my back legs (Totally adorable) when I'm happy. Vets have checked out my knees and hips...all good. I just enjoy skipping. laugh out loud
Miss- Scarlett

Pick me- up...please!
Barked: Mon Nov 28, '11 5:59pm PST 
I am best at pouting. Mom has never met a dog like me before. I won't do ANYTHING (tricks, obedience, etc) for food...even if I'm really hungry...I will hide under the bed and pout for just being asked.

Bark it Loud &- Proud!
Barked: Mon Nov 28, '11 6:02pm PST 
I'm the "Gladys Kravitz" of the neighborhood laugh out loudbig laugh

Barked: Mon Nov 28, '11 6:03pm PST 
I burp in peoples faces...after I have lurd them in close.laugh out loudshruglaugh out loud
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