Worst thing your dog has ever eaten?

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Never Say No
Barked: Wed Nov 9, '11 9:44pm PST 
We just got back from the emergency vet. I was in a panic after getting home from work when I found a ripped up tin can in the crate with Nix. BF and I collected all the pieces and found there was not enough tin shards to make up a full can... therefore Nix must have eaten at least half!!

I don't know how BF missed a tin can when he locked Nix in the crate, but he did... so we called the e-vet and took him in. They did x-rays only to find there is nothing in Nix's little guts. I don't know where the rest of that can is (we searched the area thoroughly!) but we're just relieved it's not in his belly!!!

So.. out of curiosity, what is the worst thing your dog has ever eaten?

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When the night- closes in I will- be there
Barked: Wed Nov 9, '11 10:16pm PST 
You want a list?laugh out loud
Freeway my Dane ate a bag of concrete mix.I keep her list to show people their dogs are not that bad.
The stuffing and some of the fabric from 5 sofas
Same for 7 armchairs
A 4 inch chunk of the 6x6 support beam in the basement
A hole big enough to get through a solid core door
Same for the wall next to the door
A 3 foot chunk of underlay and the carpet to go with it
The bench seat of my truck
3 steps worth of a stair riser
the ear of a life size ceramic doberman
A bleach bottle(empty)
A cupboard door
one leg of 8 pairs of jeans
26 cents
a phone cord
I lost count of the buttons
A piece of her crate just big enough so I couldn't put the door on
6 elastics
12 candles
178 stuffed animals(not all at once)
a piece from an antique mahoghany jewellry box
the usual shoes, underwear, etc

and just for you at LEAST 3 tin cans.
I hope your boy is ok.
Bella and- Daisy CGC

I'm a Meanie
Barked: Wed Nov 9, '11 10:34pm PST 
Part of a beach towel = emergency bowel obstruction surgery.

Other than that, nothing horrible. Of course, that was enough!


I dig in mud- puddles!
Barked: Wed Nov 9, '11 10:49pm PST 
Corn cobs.

And this was well before we realized just how dangerous those can be.

Luckily the majority of it came back up that evening and the rest passed through just fine.
Scruffy (RIP)

In Loving Memory
Barked: Wed Nov 9, '11 11:26pm PST 
Pieces of an air conditioner remote that he destroyed, the ears and the top of the head of a stuffed aminal, and a small piece of cooked bones that he found outside.

Oddly enough that was the only toy he ever ate or destroyed. He loved that toy so I think he was sad it broke and that I took it from him and threw it away.

Barked: Wed Nov 9, '11 11:28pm PST 
Maggie ate lot of plastic stuff as a puppy... mostly food wrappers out of the trash. Didn't even know she had done it a lot of the time until I saw it in her poo out in the yard. silenced

Sabi... did Freeway seriously EAT all that stuff, or just chew it up? Man, that dog had bit of an oral fixation you could say.

An acquaintance of mine in California had his dog eat his entire stock of marijuana plants... they were immature so not psychoactive yet. Also destroyed his front door and all his truck upholstery. Said dog was a Great Dane/German Shepherd mix, best guess.
Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Thu Nov 10, '11 12:12am PST 
My boy coughed up a 3 inch nail once. I think it was in his can of dog food! Another reason never to buy cheapo chow! He was fine but it was very disturbing.

Another thing he 'ate' was a cd with all the evidence my hubby needed to sue his old boss for entitlements... $20,000 worth. It was in the computer drive, little bugger pushed the eject button with his nose and plucked it out. We found it chewed up later. Needless to say his boss got off. I guess that's one way to put a dollar value on your dog!
Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Thu Nov 10, '11 12:41am PST 
And Sabi...wow that's really something. He ate a bag of concrete?! I'm both impressed and frightened!

Canis Angelicus
Barked: Thu Nov 10, '11 6:49am PST 
Socks, lead pencils, most of one pair of DH's sneekers and half a Almond Joy. Not terrible, but I am a raw food purist. laugh out loud

Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Thu Nov 10, '11 6:50am PST 
Most of a tennis ball.Vomitted up the pieces over the next three hours. Had to sort through all the vomit to reassemble.
A piece of cooked steak bone too large to pass
Another tennis ball.
A baseball
An entire bag of doggie treats including the plastic bag.
Mika chewed didn't eat stuff,same with other dogs.
We were pretty sure at one point we were going to miss something and Kai wouldn't last to see 6 months. Hes so much better now.
Forgot to mention the ball and trim from the newel post in the stairwell,a window sill and the top piece of about 6ft. of woodwork from various locations near the steps to the second floor.
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