Still looking like GSD/Rott?

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Alice...in- Wonderland?
Barked: Sat Nov 5, '11 9:48am PST 
She's gotten bigger, and I was wondering if she still looks like what former guessers guessed(GSD/Rottweiler)?

She is 7 months and not sure on the weight (Haven't weighed her lately). Guessing probably close to 60lbs or already is.

big grin So what do you think? Still looking GSD/Rottie?

Do you even- lift?
Barked: Sun Nov 6, '11 7:24pm PST 
That would definitely still be my guess. She looks very Shepherd in the face.

Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Mon Nov 7, '11 4:53am PST 
That would be my best guess having had the mix. Wish I knew where the pics of mine were.


Alice...in- Wonderland?
Barked: Fri Nov 11, '11 7:13am PST 
I think that's what she is too.
OMD, the other day someone asked if she was a Doberman. laugh out loud
Ugh, people these days.

If it's on the- floor,it's mine!- All Mine
Barked: Sun Nov 13, '11 2:18pm PST 
I think she looks like a Rottie/German Shepherd cross. Pretty girl

Alice...in- Wonderland?
Barked: Mon Nov 21, '11 6:46am PST 
big grin Thanks.
Hucky and- Ringo

Barked: Tue Nov 22, '11 10:06am PST 
To be honest, I see the GSD but I don't see the Rottie at all.shrug

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