Black spot on tongue

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Barked: Fri Nov 4, '11 5:31pm PST 
I've noticed this black spot pop up on Kato's tongue. I first noticed it earlier in the year. I can only see it when he's panting, so I'm not sure if it's related to exercise or something. I haven't opened his mouth to check the spot when he's relaxed.

But, I was just wondering, can a black spot on a tongue mean anything? Kato is 2 years old and this black spot just came on earlier this year. It isn't getting bigger. It doesn't look necrotic. Just a black spot right in the middle of his tongue.


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Sure does, means his tongue is growing! Just look at the picture! laugh out loudlaugh out loud
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Yep, Its normal. (As long as it doesn't change size shape or color I wouldn't worry.) Black spots on the tongue just mean the skin pigmentation is darker in that area. Its like a person having a freckle. Some dogs have completely purple/blue tongues! smile


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Barked: Fri Nov 4, '11 8:06pm PST 
Yup. As he gets older he may get more too. Don't worry. It's special charm. big grin

Barked: Sat Nov 5, '11 6:45am PST 
Ok, thanks all. Wasn't aware that black spots can still develop after this long.
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We were told "orange" dogs can get spots at any time. Looks like you could have some orange in you.smile

I was born with a pink and perfect tongue. When I passed away, I had a spot on my tongue that was in the shape of a heart.kissing

Most Goldens have it, but other breeds can, too. Don't be surprised if people see that spot and say you have Chow in you. You'll have to explain it developed newly, and not that you were born with it. Not that there is anything wrong with a chow!cloud 9 You just obviously don't look like one!laugh out loud

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Sabi has spots on her tongue. Take a picture of it, they are great for identification, like a birthmark.

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It's most likely hyperpigmentation - very common in mutts and purebreds alike. Titus had 5 spots on his tongue in the shape of a paw print when we got him - now about 70% of his tongue is blue.

He might get more and the one he has might change shape as he ages, but if it turns black or becomes raised or bleeds, have it checked out.

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What a pretty, happy dog!

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Yeah, nothing to worry about. Bambi has a spot on her tongue, too, and it developed later like your dog smile.