Constant Itching

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My 3 year old Victorian bulldog itches constantly! I don't believe its fleas and shes on an allergy pill. Its so bad, she constantly makes her face bleed from scratching. I love her and hate to see her in pain...She has a huge scab on her under belly and even in her ears from scratching! I don't know what to do for my baby. She's my first dog and I couldn't love her anymore. I can't afford to go to the vet again, he doesn't allow me to pay monthly, has to be paid at the appointment. I once had an emergency appt (she had eaten something outside that was probably rancid) I didn't have the money but knew I would after a yard sale that weekend. (I got $170 and was able to pay her $150 bill, worth every dollar!) They looked at me like I was scum when I said I couldn't pay and even when I did pay, it didn't help the way they looked at me. Hes the vet everyone in town recommends...Does anyone have a holistic approach that wouldn't set me back too far?

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Try washing her creases carefully with a soothing shampoo,dry them throughly with a towel and hairdryer if necessary and apply a cortisone cream,if that doesn't help within days (no more than 3)try the same process with an anti-fungal for a few days and look for another vet.Everyone has financial hardships at times and although vets are also entitled to their fees,the animals welfare should come first.Also I don't believe pet owners should be looked down upon for their ability to pay in an emergency. If you do find a vet who is willing to work with you or refer you to a low cost clinic honor whatever arrangements you have made so that they will work with you again because they know that you can't pay all at once but they will get paid.

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You could try the bach flower remedy cherry plum. I give Beauregard bach flower remedies and they worked well for him but I don't know if they will work for every dog. Check out this website and scroll down until you get to cherry plum. I hope this helps.



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I don't know what you feed her, but diet can make a big difference.

My friend has a Frenchie (Coco-she's on Dogster) and she is doing much better since they started feeding her raw food.

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Angus my Scottish terrier has a skin problem and the vet said that
bath him twice an week helps with the itching brushing him also helps
and taking him off dog FOOD!!! so we feed him people food ie meat veg fruit diary and the constant itching is down to almost 10% now thanks to our vet
and our vet did not cost a arm to find out what was wrong with Angus and she let me pay in two installment!i hope this helped
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I cured my dog Zoey's constant itching by switching her to a Prey Model Raw Diet....she's been itch free for pretty much a year smile

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What food is she currently on?
Also, are you using any household products (cleaning products, detergents, etc) that she might be coming in contact with on a regular basis?
What does she get for treats, etc?

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Yes!! Food has made all the difference for cocos allergies !! Try switching to Raw... We do a pre made raw diet with minimum ingredients As we can't do the prey model diet.

Bullies have such high food sensitivities the less ingredients the better . we also switched to a vet that would support our raw food diet ( not holistic but supports raw and homemade diets)

In Canada we have a store called Tail blazers and the employees have been a wealth of knowledge and of course Dogsters Raw have provided great info! I can't recommend RAW enough! If we had done it a year ago it would have saved us a few grand and a lot of issues for coco!