Two year old hyper

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I have a wonderful (extremely EXTREMELY hyper) almost three year old Aussie and we live in a small apt. That's just the beginning. My girlfriend moved in about a year ago and HATES Reggie. He jumps on her, herds (nips) her and her children and jumps on EVERYONE including all of her and my friends. No one wants to come over and feel that he is aggressive. He is also very rambunctious around other dogs and they don't take to him very well. I have to admit I haven't been the best pet human because it's just been him and I and he seemed very happy and content until the extra stimuli entered the household. I just bought an attachment for my bicycle to take him on long runs and he seems to enjoy it. He seems to burn quite a bit of energy as well but I still want to socialize him with other dogs and humans. We don't have a dog park anywhere nearby but really need to introduce him to other k9's and people but don't really know how in my small town. Any suggestions are very welcome... Thank you so much, I love my precious Reggie....

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It sounds like Reggie might just need an outlet for all his energy. The long walks/runs are a great idea. How old are the kids? Are they able to take him out and maybe teach him to catch a frisbee or something? That way they could bond with him a little more. My aussie herds my 3 y.o. son and our two cats out of love (they are his herd and he is making sure they are safe and where they should be) so try to explain to your girlfriend that it isn't out of aggression. Aussies are dogs that need a job at all times, I think he just might be a little bored in a small space so he creates a job for himself with the herding.
It also sounds like Reggie just needs to understand what is allowed and what isn't (like the jumping and nipping, seems like those are issues). Not sure what your preferred training method is but Aussies are normally very trainable. I know some classes are expensive but it might be good for your girlfriend and Reggie to do something like that.
It sounds like you have a wonderful, loving dog that just needs a little guidance in how to show it! He is absolutely beautiful judging by your pic!

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Our 3 year old Aussie Boomer is hyper also,he likes to be busy!taking him for long walks helps,we live in NC so we can take him to the state park and climb mountains,he loves that and to play in the creek.We have another older Aussie Tucker who was hyper til age 5 now he is very mello,but Boomer loves to play with him.If you have time try frisbee or agility courses Aussies love to have a task to do they are herders and will herd your kids!That may be your Aussies issue he just wants to do something because Aussies are verrrry smart!!Good luck!They are busy dogs but worth it!


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I have similar issues with my 16-month old aussie mix. He's definitely more mouthy and barky in the house than in an open area with other people/kids/dogs. I think a lot of it is territorial and resource guarding. A couple trainers have told me he needs to work on impulse control, so we've been doing a lot of "wait" and "stay" and having him stay calm at the door when someone rings the doorbell. It is very challenging because he's in the heart of his adolescent stage.

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Alright! Where to begin!? I am the proud owner of a 10 month old Aussie boy named Diesel. In the beginning I had some of the same issues.

Your Reggie is looking to be the male Aussie he is and show who's boss. The jumping is probably the easiest thing to handle. There is jumping indoors and outdoors. If he jumps outdoors, make him sit every time he sees a person (I make Diesel sit for other dogs too - this eventually led him to crawling up to small dogs). Indoors make him sit every time someone knocks. If he jumps when you open the door, close it again and try again. In general, in both situations have the person turn around when he jumps (they mostly jump towards faces)and graduate to having them ask him to sit. Give the person a treat to reward the good behavior. This takes repetition. Also, Reggie will remember if he got away with it, so no backing down or you spoiled the training. If you need to, shorten the leash or hold the collar to reinforce the command at first. Don't let him get away with what he wants Make him do it.

With the nipping and chasing. Lucky for me, Diesel only chases my cat. The best thing I have done for this is teach him the "leave it" command, and "no". No- works great with a squirt bottle (water and a bit of vinegar goes along way).

You can always try the yelping technique to the nipping. Diesel never responded to this. The ignore and shun method works with Diesel. then he feel like he did something really bad and want to say he is sorry.
My aunt made sure her Aussie and border collie always carried a ball when they chased her kids. They have both outgrown nipping the kids now.

Since you live in a smaller space I have a few suggestions to wear him out! We got a laser light for cats, but use it with Diesel. One BIG note with this - Only you and your dog, OUTSIDE, and with a long leash (30ft) if he's not good off of it. Otherwise he will become aggressive and jealous. Another suggestion, cardboard boxes! Let him tear them up! Great way to get stress out for him! Magazines and news papers work as well. Any pet store chain or boutique is great to get him introduced to animals. Many parks allows leashed dogs also.

Hope all of this helps! It is a lot of work, but worth it in the end. When Diesel is really bad I have him complete a series of commands and give him a ham bone (Petco sells them). This keeps him happy for one to two hours!

I looked up so many training shows, books, and articles and blended them to suit my dog! Diesel is still working on some of these things, but he has grown much much better.

Good Luck!

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