Texas winters (Preferably need answers from locals!)

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Barked: Thu Sep 8, '11 1:03pm PST 
I recently moved to Huntsville w/ my dachshund, & am concerned about the winter weather. I lived near DFW a few years ago & remember the winters were harsh, it iced at LEAST once a year. & last year it snowed by San Antonio/Austin.

My question is: Should I invest in any winter wear for my pup? If so, a coat/boots/etc.? & any other tips would be appreciated.

additional info:
weighs 27 pounds
is a bit larger/taller than an average dachshund
has really short, thin, silk hair
is used to winter temps of 60+, 55 was extreme (So. Padre Island)
lives in an apartment, stays inside while I'm at class, would only be outside to potty & for walks.

thanks in advance smile
Sarah Lee

Barked: Fri Nov 4, '11 8:11pm PST 
I would absolutely invest in winter wear. At least sweaters if nothing else. If it is snowy and icey then I limit my doxies time outdoors. Very short walks if any. You can always take the some place inside or play with them inside for the exercise. If it is very cold my pups do their business and then back in the house they come.