Anyone flown with a 15lb mini schnauzer or similar?

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Barked: Wed Jul 27, '11 10:34pm PST 
Hello to all the traveling pooches out there! I'll post this to the breed specific forum too but I found some good posts on flying here and thought I'd try this one as well. We are moving cross-country and need to fly to our new home. Aside from the fact that it's too hot to check him right now I don't want to. I'd much rather have him in the cabin with us and I'm trying to see if this is feasible. He's right on the margin of being ok-too big I think. I've never flown with him before so I'm not sure and the airlines all seem to have different guidelines. He stands 14" at the shoulders and is 13" long, weighs in at 15lbs. Anybody fly in cabin with a dog this size? Which airlines are best for room?

Miss Bossy Fluff
Barked: Thu Jul 28, '11 12:46am PST 
I don't think you could fit him in a crate of the right size. It needs to easily fit under the seat in front of you while still allowing the dog to stand up and turn around.

Maybe other airlines have more room or something but I could never fit a dog that size in a crate for Delta. I've flown with puppies but they weighed about 5-8 lbs (it's been a while)...and if they were any bigger it would have been tricky.

Sorry, I know it's not good news or anything frown. Hopefully someone has a good suggestion.
Bella and- Daisy CGC

I'm a Meanie
Barked: Thu Jul 28, '11 6:47am PST 
Airlines require the crate to be no more than 9-11 inches high. They also require to dog to be able to turn around comfortably in side the crate.

It doesn't sound like your pup can meet that requirement.


Barked: Thu Jul 28, '11 4:28pm PST 
I couldn't find anything that will allow a dog his size in cabin frown He's just too tall. But Continental does fly cargo and keeps them in climate controlled spaces on and off the plane, tracks them, and gives you confirmation that they are on the flight. They also have a boarding kennel area in Houston where they can get them out, walk, play, clean up, or even get a grooming. I've read reviews and they seem to be decent within the states. As far as airlines go Continental seems to be the best option right now. I'm very sad he won't be with us in the cabin and more than a little nervous. I'll feel much better when he's back in our care again. I'll let everyone know what our experience with Continental is like in case someone else finds themselves in the same position.

Now I'm off to scour the board in search of fabulous flying tips to make his trip as comfortable and stress free as possible! Thanks everybody for the help.

dog-sitter in- charge.
Barked: Thu Jul 28, '11 4:35pm PST 
Wait, you don't have to fly him as cargo..

If you're traveling together you can fly him as checked.. they'll give you confirmation when he's on the plane and check in on him during the flight too.

And it's way cheaper than flying unaccompanied cargo..

ETA: Just say that you wrote it's too hot. Can you try flying night or AM?

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Pooch ~ I- miss you ~

love forever
Barked: Thu Jul 28, '11 6:21pm PST 
Yeah 14 inches is definitely too big... Pooch was 14" at the shoulder and no way would he have fit under the seat.

snugglesaurus- rex
Barked: Fri Jul 29, '11 4:21pm PST 
i've had nothing but great experiences with Continental. I had Titan shipped to me from San Diego to DC in the summer and it was just fine. I'm sure your pup will be okay! way to go

Im just a little- guy
Barked: Fri Jul 29, '11 4:27pm PST 
My dog flew air tran at 15 pounds. Don't remember what the crate requirements are, but ya my dog was stuffed in a carrier. I know airtran has no weight requirement. My soft crate was a little taller, but was mooshed under the seat. They did not measure it, I have flew this airline with Milton 2 times. He could not really stand or turn around. Not really an issue considering how much worse shipping him would of been or flying on a airline with him in cargothinking

I walked him 2 hours the night before to make him tired. He flew without the people next to me knowing he was there. They were unaware of my pet until I said something. He was asleep with out drugs.

He suffered no ill effects from his cramped travel. Cramped in IMO is better than shipping or traveling in cargo.
Dozer ~ CGC

Life is about- clicking and- sleeping
Barked: Sat Jul 30, '11 7:13pm PST 
Milton, that's what I was thinking... I fly pretty frequently, and I I have not flow with Dozer (yet).

In case I need to at some point, I've been looking into flying with dogs, and refuse to fly if I can't bring him into the cabin with me.

In order to fit unserneath the seat, I would have to squish him into a crate where he couldn't stretch around or stand. I would rather have him cramped for a few hours then fly him in the cargo hold.

Work hard; Play- harder.
Barked: Sat Jul 30, '11 10:10pm PST 
For those of you who think it is ok to squeeze/stuff a dog into a carrier, keep in mind that is against DOT/FAA policy (which the airlines have to follow). You show up and they can refuse to allow the animal to fly (or offer to let you purchase a hard sided crate and ship the dog via checked baggage, IF 1) they allow animals as such and 2) weather permitting). I have seen that happen on more than one occasion. I have also seen them weigh carry-on pets in the carriers if they thought they were over the weight limit; this was during a period when most of the airlines were cracking down on overweight carry-on bags.

We use to fly Air Tran ALOT; I've seen them turn away quite a few dogs for being "stuffed".

Personally, it's cruel and there are some health risks involved.

I've shipped over 200 dogs and puppies through the years with NO problems. If you read the airline animal incident reports 95% of the time something happens, the owner is 50% or more at fault either by shipping sick/diseased/aged animals or by not having the animal acclimated to the crate.
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